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For more details see the Call for Price for Magento 2 extension page.

Call for Price for Magento 2

With Magento 2 Call for Price extension, you can efficiently regulate pricing issues. Hide prices for particular items or whole product categories. Manage price visibility, depending on customer groups or customers individually. Replace the Add to Cart button with a custom one. Easily collect customers' data and feedback.

General Settings

To configure the extension, go to StoresConfigurationHide Price.

Manage Price Visibility by Categories & Groups

Enable Extension - Choose 'Yes' to run the extension.

Hide Price for Selected Category(s) - Select the category (categories), which the extension hides the product prices in.

Hide Price for Selected Group(s) - Select the customer groups, for which the prices will be hidden.

IMPORTANT: You can hide prices for specific products. Open the necessary product page here ProductsCatalog and disable price visibility. You can also specify a customer group for which the product price won't be available.

Exclude customers & products

It is possible to exclude particular products and customers from the price display conditions.

Don't Apply to Product ID's - set product ID's to which price visibility conditions won't be applied.

Don't Apply to Customer ID's - set customer ID's to which price visibility conditions won't be applied.

The following email settings will be used when a store administrator replies to a customer quote request via email.

Email Sender for Admin Reply - Select a sender contact for store admin notifications.

Email Template for Admin Reply - Select an email template for admin notifications.

Hide Price Options

Hide Price - Enable the option to hide prices, considering the set conditions.

Hide Add to Cart - Choose 'Yes' to remove the “Add to Cart” button.

Hide Add to Wishlist - Choose 'Yes' to hide the “Add to Wishlist” icon on the store pages.

Hide Add to Compare - Choose 'Yes' to hide the “Add to Compare” icon on the store pages.

You can let the customers add products to wishlists and compare even when their price is hidden.

Frontend Options

Hide Price Text - Input a text for a custom button instead of the “Add to Cart”.

Custom CSS Styles for “Hide Price Link” - Customize the button display format, using CSS styles.

Upload an Image - Upload any image to display instead of a price.

Link URL - Provide any link you need to redirect customers to the necessary store page. On the backend, there is a “Get a Quote” Amasty form code, set by default. (When user clicks on a custom button, the form is displayed)

See the sample of a 'Call for Price' popup.

Admin Email Notifications

The extension allows you to notify admins about new quote requests via email.

Send Email to - Select an email address to which notifications will be sent.

Email Sender - Specify a sender contact.

Email Template - Choose a template that will be used for notifications.

Auto Reply to Customers

Use auto replies to quote requests to inform customers that their request is delivered and is being processed.

Enable - Activate the Auto reply option.

Email Sender - Select a contact from which auto replies will be sent.

Email Template - Select an email template for auto replies.

Enable the option in the GDPR Consent section to collect customers consents to your Privacy Policy.

In the Custom Stock Status section, you can select the stock statuses you want to hide prices for. Prices will be automatically hidden for all products of the chosen stock statuses.

The feature is available only when the Magento 2 Custom Stock Status extension is installed.

Developer Options

Check these options only in case you use a custom Magento theme.

Get a Quote Requests

All “Get a Quote Requests” are available on a special grid. To navigate the grid, go to Marketing → Get a Quote Requests.

Click the necessary request to see the details.

Request Details Page

On the Quote request details page you can see the request info and send a reply to a customer via email.

Email Template Settings

Go to MarketingCommunicationsEmail Templates to load a new template.

Add New Template - Please click the Add New Template button and select the necessary template in the dropdown. When the template is selected click the Load Template button.

When the template is loaded you can edit its content.

Frontend Examples

Hide prices on category pages and display custom buttons instead of the “Add to Cart” option.

You can hide prices from specific customers, but still let them add products to Wishlists and Compare.

It's possible to hide prices for whole product categories and exclude specific items from price display limitations.

Find out how to install the Call for Price extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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