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For more details see how the Google Rich Snippets for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Rich Snippets for Magento 2

Provide the customers with a better shopping experience using Rich Snippets extension for Magento 2. Greatly enhance your snippets in the search results.

  • Add breadcrumbs to your snippets
  • Display products rating
  • Enable rich snippets on category pages
  • Show starting price data
  • Create snippets with your organization logo and name
Amasty Google Rich Snippets is read and write compatible with GraphQL. You can find the 'amasty/module-google-rich-snippets-graphql' package for installing in composer suggest

Please note: the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription

The extension is compatible with Hyvä Theme. You can find the 'amasty/module-seo-rich-data-hyva' package for installing in composer suggest. The compatibility is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription.

Fixed Category Path - Enable extended breadcrumbs to display on the product pages.

Enabled - Enable extended breadcrumbs to display in the rich snippets.

Type - You can modify the breadcrumbs type for the search engine, specifying a short type:

Short Type: Store → Subcategory 2 → Product instead of Store → Category → Subcategory 1 → Subcategory 2 → Product

Company Attributes

Specify your Website Name to include it in Google rich snippets.

Specify Organization Name, Logo URL and other data to include it in the search results.

Logo URL displayed in Snippets

Social Media

Add your Social Profiles to your Google Rich Snippets.

Available Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Tumblr.

Display a handy Search Box in Google search results' snippets.

Google uses multiple parameters to determine the search box display such as on-site information and various types of navigational queries. Therefore, only Google decides which websites will be able to display a search box.

Category Rich Data

Show Products Data - This option adds snippets for the products from the category they are assigned to.

Product Rich Data

Show Availability - This option adds the stock availability tag to product rich snippets to let customers know whether the product they are looking for is in stock right from Google search results.

priceValidUntil Default Value - Allows for setting a date value that will be displayed for the priceValidUntil snippet

Use “Special Price To” Value for priceValidUntil Snippet - If set to 'Yes' “Special Price To” date will replace default value in the priceValidUntil Snippet when applicable.

Show Condition - This option adds the new condition tag to product rich snippets

Show Configurable Products as - the feature lets Google mark all the simple products of configurable one in a relevant way, thus the simple products are shown in the search results as Main Offers, List of Associated Product Offers or Aggregate Offers.

Normally, Google doesn't include simple products offers in snippets, when examines configurable products.

Show Grouped Products as - lets Google mark all the simple products of grouped product and suggest them as offers in the search result.

In Google Structured Testing Tool simple products marked as offers

Description - select what sort of description to include in rich snippets: Product Short Description, Product Full Description, Page Meta Description.

Show Rating - Enable rating in rich snippets.

Rating Format - Choose rating format (either percent or numeric) to be used in product snippet.

You can precisely specify the values of what product attribute should be employed in Rich Snippets for Brand and Manufacturer field.

Google Structured Testing Tool with Brand sample

Custom Properties - please specify the list of comma separated properties and attribute codes (format: property,attribute code). The attribute’s values will replace/fill in the values for property in rich data.

Example of pair: mpn, sku. In that case mpn will be replaced with sku value.

Each pair or new added attribute has to be inserted on a new line.

If you need to add separate attribute as property for rich data, please insert just attribute code.

Example of new attribute: test_attribute. If the product has a value from attribute with attribute code 'test_attribute', then this value will be displayed in rich data.

Rich Data Preview

Make sure your SEO settings are on point in advance. With rich snippet data, you can preview how product settings will be displayed in Google Search and avoid inaccuracies.

To preview rich data, please go to CatalogProducts → click ‘Edit’ on a chosen product → go to Search Engine Optimization

Find out how to install the Rich Snippets extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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