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For more details see the Free Shipping After Discount extension page.

Free Shipping After Discount

The Free Shipping After Discount module provides free shipping based on the cart subtotal after a promo code or a discount rule application.

  • Apply free shipping to a cart subtotal after discount
  • Take shipping calculations over total control
  • Configure the module in one click


To enable the extension please go to SystemConfigurationShipping MethodsFree Shipping.

Order Amount After Discount - set this option to 'Yes' to disable a free shipping method after a discount.

In our example the minimal order amount equals to $100. It means that if after a coupon application a cart subtotal decreases to $99 or less, the Free Shipping method will be disabled.

Frontend examples

In this example the module is disabled and the “Free Shipping' method is available even after a coupon application.

When the extension is switched on, customers won't be able to use the 'Free Shipping' method when after a discount the cart value gets lower than the specified minimal order amount.

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