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For more details see the Advanced Permissions extension page.

Guide for Advanced Permissions

Distribute permissions for the backend users to provide them with limited access to products, categories, store views, and websites editing. Separate duties between the admin users of your store. Set specific roles for vendors, category managers, etc.

  • Limit access by store view and website
  • Distribute product and category management
  • Quickly assign and duplicate roles
  • Implement additional user roles
  • Fully compatible with other extensions

Creating a new role

To create a user with the advanced permissions you will need to create a role first. Go to System → Permissions → Roles and click the Add New Role button.

Then, specify the name of the role and switch to the Role Resources tab.

Here you need to select resources the admin user will have the access to.

You can allow to delete categories and products for sub-admin users.
With the Allow to view/edit product owner setting you can change the product owner.

Advanced Permissions: Scope

At the Advanced Permissions: Scope tab you can specify website or store view the sub-admin will have the access to. Choose Store View or Website from the Limit Access To dropdown and select particular store views or websites below.

Advanced Permissions: Categories

At the Advanced Permissions: Categories tab you can limit the access to a catalog by a category.

Advanced Permissions: Products

At the Advanced Permissions: Products tab you can choose the products the sub-admin user will have the access to.

Advanced Permissions: Roles

At the Advanced Permissions: Roles tab you can limit user's ability to create new sub-admin users with the pre-defined list of roles.

Advanced Permissions: Orders

At the Advanced Permissions: Orders tab you can limit the access to various order related information for users under this role. Enable the corresponding option to use limitations.

Hit the Save Role button when you done configuring the role. Now, you can assign the role to certain users to provide them with the advanced permissions.

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