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For more details see the Extra Fee extension page.

Extra Fee

Create extra fees for any additional store service just in a few clicks. Display fee options on the cart and the checkout pages to draw customers' attention.

  • Design an unlimited number of fees according to your needs
  • Accurately set up fees options
  • Manage fees' display
  • Specify the pages to display fees' options on
  • Choose an input type for each particular fees block

General Settings

To configure general extension settings, please, go to System → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Extra Fee.

The General tab:

Include discount in subtotal - enable if you want the subtotal to include discounts.

Include tax in subtotal - set to Yes to make the subtotal include taxes.

Include shipping in subtotal - enable to include shipping cost in subtotal.

The Tax tab:

Tax Class for Checkout Fees - specify the type of tax that should be used for calculation.

Display Fee Including Tax - set to Yes to add a fee tax to the checkout fees grand total. A fee tax is included in the total tax value by default.

A new fees block creation

To create a new fees block, please, go to Sales → Extra Fee.

All created fees are displayed on the grid. To create a new one, click the Add New button.


Enabled - switch to Yes to enable displaying of fees block.

Fee Name - give a name to the fee. The customers will see it on the frontend.

Fee Input Type - choose one of the available input types for fee options: Dropdown, Checkbox or Radio Button types.

Sort Order - specify the position of the fee displaying on the frontend. Set 0 to the highest position.

Description - give a short description of a new service to provide customers with additional information.

Customer Groups - choose customer groups for which this fees block will be available.

Store View - specify store views in which the fees block will be shown.

Cart - select Yes if you want to show fees block on the shopping cart page.

Checkout - choose the checkout step on which the fees block should be displayed.

Autoapply - set the field to Yes to automatically apply fees based on certain conditions.

To enable the auto application, you also need to set the default fee value (precisely this fee will apply automatically). To set the default fee value, go to the Fee Options tab and choose the option by default:

Note! If the default fee option is not specified, the extra fee won't apply automatically.

On the Store View Specific Labels tab you can specify labels for different store views. The labels will be shown instead of the default fees block name.

Fee Options

Fill in the fields to set up fee options. You can set either a percent or a fixed price for extra fees. You can also set a particular option as default. In this case, the option will be automatically chosen unless a customer selects another one.

You can add extra fee variables to PDF/ HTML invoice templates.


Use flexible conditions to display fees block. You can show fees based on products subselection and cart attributes. In case a customer meets the conditions he/she will see the fees block on the cart and checkout pages. Use conditions combination to create complex rules for the fees block display.

To show the block to all customers, don’t specify any conditions.

Create rules based on active shipping and payment methods. Once a customer chooses the specified shipping or payment method, the fees block with custom options will be displayed.


Include discount in subtotal - choose whether to subtract the discount amount from the subtotal.

Include tax in subtotal - choose whether you want to include the amount of tax in the subtotal.

Include shipping in subtotal - set to Yes to include shipping cost in the subtotal.

When you set these options to Default, the fee will be calculated as it is set in the extension settings.

Frontend Examples

You can show extra fees either on Shipping method or Order Review steps.

See the example of the fees block on the shopping cart page.

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