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For more details see the way Stripe Payment extension works.

Guide for Stripe Payment for Magento 2

Improve your customers’ payment experience. Optimize the conversion rate by providing customers with a convenient and safe payment method.

  • All payment needs in one solution
  • Safe integration process with 3D Secure protection
  • Fluent automatic invoicing function
  • Convenient refund options and flexible management
  • Fully compliant with the PSD2 European legislation
The Stripe Payment extension for Magento 2 is fully compliant to the Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) that strives to create a secure payment process. It went into full effect on September 14, 2019. Please, re-install or update the extension to a version 3.0.0 to get all benefits of Strong Customer Authentication and 3D Secure v2.

How to Install Amasty Stripe Connector

Since January 2024, Stripe requires plugins to leverage Stripe Apps. All new and existing plugins must use a Stripe App to authenticate users for their service using OAuth 2.0 or a restricted API key.

To create all necessary data for proper operation of App for Payments with Stripe extension, just follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Stripe App Marketplace, then click Install the Amasty Stripe for Magento 2 (or just open this direct link;
  2. Select the Stripe account where you want to install the app;
  3. Review and approve the app permissions, install the app in test mode or live mode, then click Install;
  4. After you install the app, store the keys in a safe place where you won’t lose them;
  5. Use the newly generated publishable key and secret key to finish the Connector configuration. Insert the Publishable key and Secret Key to the Magento 2 Configuration - Payment Methods - Stripe by Amasty - Publishable key and Secret Key;

If you need to manage the app or generate new security keys after installation, navigate to the Application settings page - Test / Live mode.

After you installed the app, you can see the Amasty Stripe for Magento 2 app in your Stripe dashboard.

Set Configuration

To integrate the merchant's stripe account with a Magento store, please go to Stores → Configuration → Payment methods → Other Payment Methods → Stripe by Amasty.

To configure the extension, you’ll need your Stripe account.
If you have any troubles with installation, please visit our troubleshooting checklist.

Enable - set to Yes to activate the payment method.

Enable Apple Pay and Google Pay – set to 'Yes' to enable payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When making a payment via Google Pay and Apple Pay, the addresses provided during the order placement will serve as both the billing and shipping addresses for the order. In the payment system's popup, there won't be any option available to choose a shipping address.

Title - specify the custom name of the Stripe payment to display on the checkout page.

New order status – you can select an order status after the payment is captured. There are 2 available order statuses: 'Processing' and 'Pending'.

Define the type of Payment Action:

  • Authorize - to check a card validation without charging until the order is invoiced and approved.
  • Authorize and Capture - to debit money immediately after order submission.

To get a Publishable Key and a Secret Key, please go to your Stripe account and sign in.

In the Developers section expand the API keys tab.

Copy the Publishable key and the Secret key and paste it into the extension’s backend settings.

To copy the Secret key in one click, hit the Reveal test key token button and Copy.
For more information, please, visit Stripe documentation.

Save Customer Cards – set to 'Ask the customer' to save customers' cards details on Stripe's servers so that they don't have to enter them when purchasing again.

Display Stripe Logo Next to the Method Title – set to 'Yes' to display Stripe Badge. It helps to increase trust and make your customers feel more secure.

Payment from Applicable Countries - accept payments made via Stripe from All Allowed Countries or from Specific Countries.

Payment from Specific Countries - select the countries for which the Stripe payment method will be allowed.

Make 3D Secure Authentification Mandatory for All Cards That Support It – set to 'Yes' to surely prevent malicious actors from stealing any sensitive information.

Debug Mode - enable this option if you want to track payment processes.

Stripe Email Receipts - set to 'Yes' to let Stripe send email receipts for successful payments and refunds. It works only in Live mode.

Sort Order - specify the order according to which this payment method will be placed.

To test the module, see this information.

Partial Invoicing

If a customer drops an order and there are not enough goods to complete it, you can use partial invoicing. In such a case you invoice fewer goods than ordered and meet customer's demand despite the low stock. When the goods become available, you complete the order.

To divide an invoice go to Sales - Orders and pick the order you want to invoice partially.

Than pick Invoice in the top menu and go to the Items to Invoice tab.

Set the number of items for the invoice and press Update Qty's button.

Submit the invoice by pressing Submit Invoice button at the bottom of the page.

Refunds and Partial refunds support

With the Stripe Payment extension, it is possible to make a full or partial refund of the order paid via Stripe payment. To see the detailed information about the refunds made, go to Sales → Credit Memos.

On a handy grid you can see the Credit Memo, dates the refund was Created, the Order and its Date, Bill-to Name, active Status and the Refunded sum.

You can easily find the necessary refund with the Search by keyword option or using Filters.

To see the details about each refund, click View in the Action column.

Admin can refund orders online from the grid.
Also it is possible to create orders and pay for them via Stripe from the admin panel. Go to Sales → Orders → Create New Order. After adding the products, choose the payment method.

Show Stripe Payment on the Checkout Page

The customers will see the same formatting as they see on the card. The card type will be detected automatically.

Let customers choose the necessary card in one click instead of filling in a full checkout form.

To speed up the whole shopping process, see our One Step Checkout extension.

Find out how to install the Stripe Payment extension via Composer.

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