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For more details see how the Special Occasion Coupons for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Special Occasion Coupons for Magento 2

Generate and grant your shoppers discount coupons for birthdays, newsletter subscriptions, order placement or any other event you want to. Use appealing email templates to draw customers’ attention and build their loyalty.

  • Generate coupons based on multiple events
  • Send promo codes to customers automatically
  • Choose the date of dispatch and set the expiry period for each coupon type
  • Automatically delete unused coupons
  • Use predefined or custom email templates

General Settings

To configure the extension, go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Special Occasion Coupons.

Email Sender - choose a sender for emails.

Remove not used Coupons after Creation (days) - set the period after which the expired coupons will be automatically deleted. Thus, you can clean your promotions section from obsolete coupons. Indicate -1 if you would like not to remove coupons automatically.

Cronjob Information

In this tab, you can see coupon cronjobs statuses.

You can manage cron tasks in the System → Cron Tasks List section.

Customer Birthday

You can configure the automatic dispatch of emails with warm greetings and discounts on a specified date. Also, the extension is protected from abuse: the coupon code can be sent only once per year even if the user changed his birth date.

Enabled - set to Yes to generate automatic coupons for customers' birthdays.

Send Coupon After (days) - send coupons before, after of right on the birthday. Indicate 0 for the same day, or -1,-2, etc to send the coupon before the date. For example, if you set -5, the coupon will be sent 5 days before the birthday. In case you want to send coupons 3 days after the birthday, set 3. To send coupons on the same day, specify 0.

Email Template - choose a suitable template for emails.

Discount type - set the strategy for a discount. 3 options are available:

  • Percent of product price discount
  • Fixed amount discount
  • Fixed discount amount for the whole cart

Discount Amount - specify the particular discount amount (fixed of percentage, depending on the value selected above).

Expire Coupon in (days) - set the period after which coupons will expire.

Coupon Uses - fill in how many times one coupon can be used.

Uses per Customer - specify how many times a particular customer can use the birthday coupon.

Apply for Customer Group Only - make coupons available for particular customer segments.

Min Order Amount - you can also stimulate bulk purchases and make coupons application available for specific order amounts.

New Registration

You can also use pre-configured coupons for new customers. All the settings are the same as in the birthday coupons. Just choose a suitable email template to notify shoppers.

Newsletter Subscription

To enlarge your customer email base, you can also give coupons for newsletter subscription. The coupons will be sent in the email for a successful subscription, so here you don't have to select the Send Coupon After (days) and Email Template options. The rest settings are identical to birthday coupons.

Important: To send the coupon in the subscription success email, please add the following variable to the subscription success template:

{{var subscriber.getCoupon()}}

To do this please go to Marketing → Communications → Email Templates and click the ‘Add New Template’ button.

Choose Newsletter Subscription Success template and click the ‘Load Template’ button.

Insert the variable in the template and specify the text you need:

Once you save the template, please go to Stores → Configuration → Newsletter and choose the template you saved for the ‘Success Email Template’ setting.

With the extension, you can also create custom templates for any other coupon email types and send them instead of the default ones. To do this, please go to Marketing → Communications → Email Templates.

Wishlist Created

To get insights about customer shopping preferences, you can motivate them to use wishlists more often by granting coupon for adding an item to a wishlist. All options as for the birthday coupons are available for wishlists as well.

No Customer Activity

To return customers, you can give discounts when a shopper hasn't been at your store for a particular number of days. Just activate the option, set the Send Coupon After Last Log-In (days) option to the required value and choose the email template. Other settings are described in the birthday coupons section.

Order Placed

If you enable this section, customers will receive a discount coupon for their next purchases once they place an order in your store. As usual, see the description for each setting in the birthday coupons section.

One More Year With Us

Using this option, you can thank your long-term customers with coupons. Just configure all the settings as in the previous steps.

Storefront Examples

Here you can see some examples of email templates:

Birthday Coupon template:

New Pickup Order template:

Newletter Subscription template:

Registrartion Coupon template:

Find out how to install the Special Occasion Coupons extension via Composer.
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