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For more details see the Advanced MSI extension page.

Guide for Advanced MSI for Magento 2

Automatically pick an optimal warehouse to ship from with source selection algorithms to reduce delivery costs.

  • 4 types of source selection algorithm
  • Automatic selection according to source distance or stock availability
  • Easy source management
  • Smart algorithm of shipping cost calculation


The extension settings page can be found in Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Advanced MSI.

General Settings

Enable Module - set to Yes to apply the extension.

Minimal Delivery Cost Algorithm Settings

Expand this tab to choose the automatic source selection algorithm.

The extension offers you 4 Default Source Selection Algorithms:

  • ‘Source priority’ algorithm – chooses an optimal warehouse according to its priority in the stock assignment settings block.
  • ‘Product Stock Availability by Amasty’ algorithm – selects an optimal warehouse according to availability of goods.
  • ‘Product Stock Distance by Amasty’ algorithm – picks the nearest warehouse from a customer to reduce transport costs.
  • ‘Combined Source Selection Algorithm’ – applies 3 picking criteria one by one until the matching warehouse is found.
The selected algorithm will be immediately applied to the ordered items on the shipment creation page.

Criteria Prioritization for Combined Algorithm - set the priority of each criterion for ‘Combined Source Selection Algorithm’ via drag and drop.

How it works:

The algorithm will apply the upper criteria first. If the result consists of several sources that fit the condition of the first criteria, the list of these several warehouses will be transferred to the next lower criteria for processing. The sources that don't fit the first criteria will not be processed by the second one. But they will be available on the shipment creation page with lower priority.

Distance to warehouse round off, km - set the distance value that will be used in the Amasty ‘Combined Source Selection Algorithm’. If the distance between the closest and other warehouses is less than the value, the warehouses are considered to be equally distant from the customer.

Google API - click here to get an API key. Google API key is required for shipping from the source closest to customer's area. It’s used in 2 source selection algorithms: ‘Product Stock Distance by Amasty’ and ‘Combined Source Selection Algorithm’.

Shipping Cost Settings

Enable calculating shipping cost depending on source address - set to Yes to activate the chosen algorithm as soon as a customer places an order. The necessary source for shipment will be selected automatically and displayed to a customer with a shipping cost information.

If this option is enabled, you won’t be able to change items’ quantity in the admin panel. But you will see all the information about the order and its shipment in the Order View section.

Manage Sources

Note that sources are your warehouses. To let the extension work you need to create at least 2 sources.

To find the list of all sources, go to Stores→ Sources. You can easily track your sources by code, name and status. The extension allows you to edit already existing sources and add new source right from the admin panel.

Add New Source

To create a source, press the ‘Add New Source’ button and fill in general information about a warehouse.

Then fill in warehouse contact information and address data.

Save the source.

Assign Sources to Stocks

Sources must be assigned to a particular stock. To assign sources go to Stores→ Stocks.

Then choose a necessary stock and press the Edit button. In the settings block find ‘Sources’ tab and assign sources to the stock. You can change sources priority via drag and drop. The priority is used by ‘Source priority’ algorithm.

Assign Sources to Products

Now you need to fill in the quantity of products in each source. To do this, go to Catalog→ Products and pick a particular product. In the settings block find ‘Sources’ tab and fill the stock for each source.

Import Distribution Data

With the extension you can fill products quantities in a sample file and quickly import stocks for each source.

To do this go to System→ Import. In the Entity Type choose ‘Stock Sources’, then download and fill in a sample file.

Decide whether you want to update, replace or delete data by configuring ‘Import Behavior’.

Set import configuration to stop import on any number of errors to prevent loading broken data or skip error entries.

Then choose a file to import (already filled in sample file) and press the ‘Check Data’ button.

Correct the mistakes and press the ‘Import’ button to import stock data.

Moreover you can export the distribution of goods in warehouses from Amasty Multi Warehouse Inventory and import it in MSI with no efforts.

Make sure that you don’t change a sample file structure and that a file isn’t more than 2M.

Create Shipments in One Click

Let’s imagine you’ve already configured the extension and got the first order. It’s time to ship it. Go to Sales→ Orders. Then choose a necessary order, go through the View button and press the Ship button to open a shipment creation page.

The module automatically chooses the default source selection algorithm, determines the optimal source and the number of products to be shipped.

If the automatic shipping cost calculation is enabled, the module will choose the necessary source while a customer creates an order. If this functionality is disabled, you can change the source selection algorithm right from this page and change the quantity to deduct from each source.

Press ‘Proceed to Shipment’ button and ship the order.

Find out how to install the Advanced MSI extension via Composer.
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