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For more details see the Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 extension page.

Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

Convert unfinished orders into sales by sending reminder email with discount coupon.

  • Send multiple emails with different delay intervals
  • Use cart conditions to control who will receive emails
  • Send emails with discount coupons
  • Create unique template for each email sent by extension

General extension settings

Extension configuration is located at Stores > Configuration > Amasty Extensions > Abandoned Cart Email

  • The coupon is available only for particular customer - when this options is enabled, only the customer who received the email will be able to apply the coupon on the cart.
  • Trigger a rule no more than 1 time per quote - when this option is enabled, a customer will recieve abandoned cart email (or email if you created a set) only once even if the cart conditions suit more than 1 rule. The rule that triggers emails sending is determined by the priority setting.
  • Send emails only to registered customers - with this setting guest customers won't receive any abandoned cart emails.
  • Automatically remove sent emails from History - specify the number of days, after which sent emails should be removed from History.
  • Disable guest email logging for EU customers (GDPR compliance requirement) - when enabled, the EU customers' emails won't be saved by the system to avoid sending emails, to which the customers from EU didn't give a consent.
  • Sender Name - specify the From - Name field in the abandoned cart email.
  • Send to Newsletter Subscribers Only - set to Yes if you want to restrict sending emails to those customers, who have not subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Sender Email - specify the From - Email field in your emails.
  • Sends copy of emails to - you can specify the address to which the copies of every abandoned cart email will be sent.
  • Reply To Email - specify the recipient's email manually, if necessary.
  • Reply To Name - specify the recipient's name.
  • Testing - Safe Mode - choose 'Yes' to take the extension into the testing mode. In this case, all abandoned cart emails are sent only to the recipient email address.
  • Testing - Recipient Email - the recipient address for the testing mode and test emails.
  • Permitted Email Domains - specify the email domains like “” or “”. In this case all carts associated with emails from one of the listed domains will trigger the Debug Mode.
  • Enable Debug Mode - this option is useful when you need to check the process of abandoned cart email sending. In this case the carts will be considered abandoned right after the product is added.
  • Blacklist - Import - here you can import CSV file with the blacklisted email addresses.

Abandoned Cart rule settings

Rules can be created at Marketing > Abandoned Cart Email > Rules


  • Name - specify the name of the rule.
  • Status - enable and disable the rule.
  • Priority - set the priority to specify the triggering rules' order processing.
  • Cancel Condition - here you can set the event which will cancel the further emails. For example, the rule is configured to send a set of three emails. If you choose the Link from the email clicked as a сancel condition, the customer stops the emails sending after he\she clicks the link in the first email so that two other emails won't be sent to a customer anymore.

Stores & Customer Groups

  • Stores - you can limit the stores to which the rule will be applied. If you select nothing, the rule will be applied to all stores.
  • Customer Groups - you can control to which customer groups the rule will be applied. If you select nothing, the rule will be applied to all groups.


  • Condition tree - specify conditions to activate the rule only when the conditions are met. If you leave the tree empty, the rule works all the time.


  • Transactional Email - see what the email template is used. If you want to add your own template please check here how it can be done.
  • Delivery Time - set a time-lag between the cart abandonment and the email sending.
  • Coupon - here you can configure a discount for abandoned carts. In Type filed select the type of the discount, you would like to create (percent, fixed amount or a fixed amount for the whole cart). In the Discount Amount field you need to specify the amount of the discount.
  • Use Shopping Cart Rule - choose this option and you will be able to select the already existing cart price rule to use for abandoned cart promotions.
Please note that 'Use Auto Generation' option in the promotion rule have to be enabled for this rule to appear in the list.


Here you can set Google Analytics parameters which will be added to the links in Abandoned Cart emails. Please check the Google Analytics help articles for more details.


Here you can send a test email to see how the email looks.

Please note that in this list you will see all quotes from your Magento. No filtering by conditions or event store view is applied there. This tab is for testing purposes only.

Troubleshooting checklist

Emails are not being sent automatically

The extension works with Magento cron jobs to schedule and send emails. If Magento cron is not configured or configured incorrectly the extension won't send any emails.

To solve this, please check this article to see how Maganto cron is configured.

I can't use the email template in the rule

All available templates in the Schedule can be filtered by the type. In the list of templates, you can see only the emails that were created based on the default Abandoned Cart template.

To create a new templete, please, do the following:

  • Navigate to Marketing - Communications - Email Template menu

Click Add New Template button

  • In Load default template - Template find Abandoned Cart Email Template, select it and hit Load Template

  • Give a new template a name and make changes you want.

  • You can also add different variables to your template from the box. It will pull up the necessary information. To do this, press the Insert Variable button and choose the necessary one from the list. Each template has a different set of variables.

  • Save it. Now you can use a newly created template in Abandoned Cart rules!

Usage examples

How to send two different emails for abandoned carts under and over $100

To achieve this, we need to create two email templates and two Abandoned Cart rules.

Please check here to learn how to add a new email template for Abandoned Cart rules.

After this, proceed to Marketing > Abandoned Cart Email > Rules and click Create New Rule button.

First, let's create an email sending rule for abandoned carts below $100 subtotal:

Here's how to set the condition to trigger the rule only for carts below $100

In the Schedule tab we set to send two emails, the first email - after two hours of cart abandonment, and the second one - a day after. We use a template 'Carts below 100$' that was created earlier and apply no discounts.

The first rule has been done!

Then we'll create a rule for carts above $100 in subtotal:

Here we ser the 'above $100' condition.

Then we configure two emails again, but this time we use another email template and to the second email we've attached a 5% discount coupon.

And that's all!

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