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For more details see how the Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

Augment sales revenue by the increased number of completed orders. Automatically send catchy reminders. Enhance customer loyalty by offering discount coupons.

  • One-step cart recovery
  • Precise email targeting
  • Flexible dispatch schedule
  • Personalize email templates
  • Built-in discount coupon generator
  • Analyze email campaigns performance

General extension settings

Extension configuration is located at Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Abandoned Cart Email


  • The coupon is available only for a particular customer - when this option is enabled, only the customer who received the email will be able to apply the coupon on the cart.
  • Trigger a campaign no more than 1 time per quote - when this option is enabled, a customer will receive abandoned cart email (or email if you created a set) only once even if the cart conditions suit more than 1 campaign. The campaign that triggers email sending is determined by the priority setting.
  • Send emails only to registered customers - with this setting guest customers won't receive any abandoned cart emails.
  • Automatically remove sent emails from History - specify the number of days, after which sent emails should be removed from History.
  • Number of Related/Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Products to Display in Email - specify the number of cross-sell products that should be displayed in an email template. Leave the field empty to display all available products.
When enabling the setting, do not forget to update your templates for abandoned cart emails adding the corresponding layout to display Related/Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Products in emails.
  • Disable guest email logging for EU customers (GDPR compliance requirement) - when enabled, the EU customers' emails won't be saved by the system to avoid sending emails, to which the EU customers didn't give consent.

See the example of an email below:

Email Templates

  • Sender Name - specify the From - Name field in the abandoned cart email.
  • Sender Email - specify the From - Email field in your emails.
  • Send to Newsletter Subscribers Only - set to 'Yes' if you want to restrict sending emails to those customers, who have not subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Sends copy of emails to - you can specify the address to which the copies of every abandoned cart email will be sent.
  • Send Email Copy Method - select 'Bcc' if you want to add CHECK OUT url in copy of email.
  • Reply to Name - specify the recipient's name.
  • Remove 'pub' from image URL - if enabled, image url like

will be replaced by


  • Enable Safe Mode - choose 'Yes' to take the extension into the testing mode. In this case, all abandoned cart emails are sent only to the recipient's email address.
  • Test Email - the recipient address for the testing mode and test emails.


  • Import - here you can import CSV file with the blacklisted email addresses.


  • Enable Debug Mode - this option is useful when you need to check the process of abandoned cart email sending. In this case, the carts will be considered abandoned right after the product is added.
  • Authorized Email Domains - specify the email domains like “” or “”. In this case, all carts associated with emails from one of the listed domains will trigger the Debug Mode.

Abandoned Cart Campaign settings

Check our video guide about abandoned cart email campaign creation

Campaigns can be created at Marketing → Abandoned Cart Email → Campaigns → Create new campaign


Name - specify the name of the rule.

Status - enable and disable the rule.

Priority - set the priority to specify the triggering rules' order processing.

Cancel Condition - here you can set the event which will cancel the further emails. For example, if the products in a shopping cart become disabled, a customer won't get an email.

Cancel conditions available:

  • Link from Email Clicked
  • Any product went out of stock
  • All products went out of stock
  • All products were disabled
If you choose the Link from the email clicked as a сancel condition, the customer stops the emails sending after he\she clicks the link in the first email so that two other emails won't be sent to a customer anymore.

Stores & Customer Groups

  • Stores - you can limit the stores to which the rule will be applied. If you select nothing, the rule will be applied to all stores.
  • Customer Groups - you can control which customer groups the rule will be applied. If you select nothing, the rule will be applied to all groups.


  • Condition tree - specify conditions to activate the rule only when the conditions are met. If you leave the tree empty, the campaign works all the time.


  • Transactional Email - see what the email template is used.
  • Delivery Time - set a time-lag between the cart abandonment and the email sending.
  • Coupon - here you can configure a discount for abandoned carts. In Type filed select the type of the discount, you would like to create (percent, fixed amount or a fixed amount for the whole cart). In the Discount Amount field you need to specify the amount of the discount.
  • Use Shopping Cart Rule - choose this option and you will be able to select the already existing cart price rule to use for abandoned cart promotions.

Please note that 'Use Auto Generation' option in the promotion rule have to be enabled for this rule to appear in the list.


Here you can set Google Analytics parameters which will be added to the links in Abandoned Cart emails.

Please check the Google Analytics help articles for more details.

Test Emails

Here you can send a test email to see how the email looks.

Please note that in this list you will see all quotes from your Magento. No filtering by conditions or event store view is applied there. This tab is for testing purposes only.


To view the log of all sent emails, navigate to Amasty → Abandoned Cart Email → History.

You can also add product info to the grid. Additionally, enable the Opened column to see how many times an email was opened.

Abandoned Cart Reports

Make data-driven decisions by analyzing the efficiency of your Abandoned Cart Email campaigns.

To check out your campaign reports, please navigate to Reports → Abandoned Cart Reports

Here, you get valuable insights on your cart abandonment rate and abandoned cart emails efficiency, displayed on visual reports:

  • Cart Abandonment Rate (is calculated as the number of abandoned quotas divided by their total amount * 100%);
  • Potential Revenue in abandoned carts;
  • Recovered Revenue (money made of recovered carts);
  • The number of Emails Sent;
  • The number of Recovered Carts;
  • The number of Orders Placed thanks to abandoned cart emails;
  • Abandoned Cart Email Efficiency (is calculated as the number of orders placed divided by the emails sent * 100%).

Also, you can filter the results: choose the necessary website and date range, then click the “Refresh” button.

Geo IP Data

To use the Geo IP Location option please go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Geo IP Data.

Databases are required for the correct work of the module. Also, you need to install php bcmath or gmp extension on your server.

You can get the databases automatically or import your own data.

Hit the Download and Import button to make the extension download the updated CSV dump file and import it into your database automatically.

To import the files from your own source, use the Import option. Path to the files should look like this (the part 'var/amasty' should be replaced with your folders’ names):

In the Import section, the Import button is grayed out by default. It will be available right after you upload the CSV files. The red error notification will switch to green success notification when the import is completed.

Debug Mode

You can enable IP forcing, which makes it possible to set a specific IP address that will be used instead of the visitor's real IP address when determining geolocation. The feature is useful while configuring or testing the extension.

Enable Force IP - set to Yes to replace the real IP address.

Force IP Address - specify the address to use instead of a real one.

Cron Tasks List

To manage all existing cron tasks, please, go to System → Cron Tasks List.

Here, you can see all the existing cron tasks and their statuses. Run cron tasks and generate their schedule by clicking the ‘Run Cron’ button. Also, delete tasks in bulk, apply filtering and sorting options when it is needed.

Troubleshooting checklist

Emails are not being sent automatically

The extension works with Magento cron jobs to schedule and send emails. If Magento cron is not configured or configured incorrectly the extension won't send any emails.

To solve this, please check this article to see how Magento cron is configured.

I can't use the email template in the rule

All available templates in the Schedule can be filtered by the type. In the list of templates, you can see only the emails that were created based on the default Abandoned Cart template.

To create a new email template please navigate to Marketing → Communications → Email Templates → Click 'Add New Template'
  • In Load default template → Template find Abandoned Cart Email Template, select it and hit Load Template

  • Name your new template and make all the changes you need.

  • You can also add different variables to your template from the box. It will pull up the necessary information. To do this, press the Insert Variable button and choose the necessary one from the list. Each template has a different set of variables.

In the Template Content field, you can make adjustments to the text and the structure of the email template. Find the code starting with “layout”.

In the layout settings, you can configure the content and the basic composition of the product list that is included in the email.

The mode defines the appearance of the product list. This setting has 2 possible configurations:

  • table;
  • list.

The showImage in its turn adds pictures to products. Choose:

  • yes to include images;
  • no to omit them.

The priceFormat is used to show either prices with taxes (=includeTax) or excluding taxes (=exculdeTax).

The showDescription is responsible for the product description display. Type in:

  • yes to show a full Description;
  • no to provide no description at all.

Use showPrice to enable or disable price display in the email body.

  • Save it. Now you can use a newly created template in Abandoned Cart rules!

If you enable the Related/Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Products to Display in Email option, you also need to update the email template.

To do this, load the template and proceed to the layout → handle section.

Add the value in a handle section according to the information you need:

  • “amasty_acart_email_related” - to add related products to the email template;
  • “amasty_acart_email_crosssel” - for cross-sells;
  • “amasty_acart_email_upsell” - for upsells.

Save the template. Now related products will be added to the email template. You can adjust the number of the products to show in the general settings.

Usage examples

How to send two different emails for abandoned carts under and over $100

First, we need to create two new relevant email templates (check out the previous section for more details).

Then proceed with creation of two new Abandoned Cart campaigns.

In order to create new campaign, proceed to Marketing → Abandoned Cart Email → Campaigns and click Create New Campaign button.

First, let's create a campaign for abandoned carts below $100 subtotal:

Here's how to set the condition to trigger the campaign only for carts below $100

In the Schedule tab we set to send two emails, the first email - after two hours of cart abandonment, and the second one - a day after. We use a template 'Carts below 100$' that was created earlier and apply no discounts.

The first rule has been done!

Then we'll create a rule for carts above $100 in subtotal:

Here we ser the 'above $100' condition.

Then we configure two emails again, but this time we use another email template and to the second email we've attached a 5% discount coupon.

Customer Segmentation Compatibility

The extension is fully compatible with the Customer Segmentation extension. Thus, you can apply the rule for a particular users (even guest ones) while setting the conditions.

Find out how to create segments here.

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