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For more details see the Zero Product Sales extension page.

Zero Product Sales

Detect which of your store items are not selling with a special 'Zero Sales' report. Sort products by type, status, price and other parameters and modify special price right on the grid.

  • Easily find out zero-sellers and low-performance items
  • Generate reports within specified time period
  • Export reports data to CSV and XML files
  • Disable particular products right from the grid
  • Apply mass actions to change special prices

General Settings

To get the access to the 'Zero Product Sales' general settings, please, go to: System → Configuration → Zero Sellers

Period in Days - specify the time period for report generating.

Threshold - set the maximal number of sales to show products that were purchased fewer than it was specified.

Zero Sellers Report

To see the report, please, go to: Reports → Product → Zero Sellers

Purchased Qty column - set a minimum and a maximum number of purchases to identify low-performing products.

Modify Special Price using Price action - with this mode you can change the Special Price based on the Price.

For example, the price is 50$. To lower the special price by 10$ (or 10%), write in the field “by” - “-10”(“-10%”). If you would like to increase the Price, use “+” symbol.

Update Special Price action - with this mode you can change the Special Price based on the previous special price. This mode works only in cases when the product has a Special Price. To specify it, go to the CatalogManage Products.

Disable - with this action you can stop selling the selected products and take them away from the catalog on the website.

To apply the action you need to:

  1. Select the items;
  2. Choose the action you need;
  3. Click “Submit”.

You can also export the report in CSV or XML format.

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