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For more details see the Google Rich Snippets for Magento 1 extension page, part of the bestselling SEO Toolkit module.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets: examples

See an example of the website with Product, Review Rating, Breadcrumbs and Organization snippets in the search results.


Price Including Tax - In search results you can display the product price including tax or the price excluding tax.


Rating & Breadcrumbs

Show Total Count for - You can choose whether to display votes or reviews, or both votes and reviews at the same time on Google search page.



Organization & Category

Enabled - See how to configure organization mark up here

Category Page - This feature lets you display the average product rating and minimal price in search results as well as at the bottom of each category page on your site.



Enabled - Switch this option to Yes to display site links search box in Google search results.

Twitter Cards

Enabled - Enable the feature if you want to display additional info in your tweets

Description Length - Specify product description length, which will be automatically loaded from a product page. Set image parameters, minimum 160*160 px

Second Field Value - Choose which info you want to show: price, stock availability, rating or custom text field (in which you can write anything, e.g. info about a discount). Give any label you want.

  • After configuring settings, visit Twitter Validator Tool in order to validate your domain. Enter your product page URL and click Preview card.
  • Click Request Approval in order to validate your domain.
  • Fill in the details about your twitter account and website. Wait for the confirmation email from twitter team.
  • When Twitter team will approve your domain, you’ll see the inscription.


Now followers can see additional info in pins: price, stock availability and product URL.
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