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For more details see the Google Rich Snippets for Magento 1 extension page, part of the bestselling SEO Toolkit module.

Rich Snippets

Improve your website position in organic search with the Google Rich Snippets extension. Make your store more visible both for search engines and customers.

  • Apply various rich snippets to highlight the necessary info
  • Display rating and reviews in the snippets
  • Boost up your webstore position in search results
  • Make your brand recognizable
  • Benefit from the Twitter summary cards support


Price Including Tax - In search results you can display the product price including tax or the price excluding tax.

Custom Properties - With this option, admin is able to specify comma-separated list of properties and attribute codes like mpn, sku.


Rating & Breadcrumbs

Show Total Count for - You can choose whether to display votes or reviews, or both votes and reviews at the same time on Google search page.



Organization & Category

Enabled - See how to configure organization mark up here

Category Page - This feature lets you display the average product rating and minimal price in search results as well as at the bottom of each category page on your site.



Enabled - Switch this option to Yes to display site links search box in Google search results.

Twitter Cards

Enabled - Enable the feature if you want to display additional info in your tweets

Description Length - Specify product description length, which will be automatically loaded from a product page. Set image parameters, minimum 160*160 px

  • After configuring settings, visit Twitter Validator Tool in order to validate your domain. Enter your product page URL and click Preview card.
  • Click Request Approval in order to validate your domain.
  • Fill in the details about your twitter account and website. Wait for the confirmation email from twitter team.
  • When Twitter team will approve your domain, you’ll see the inscription.


Now followers can see additional info in pins: price, stock availability and product URL.

Rich Snippets: examples

See an example of the website with Product, Review Rating, Breadcrumbs and Organization snippets in the search results.

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