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For more details see the Thank You Page for Magento 2 extension page.

Thank You Page for Magento 2

Boost sales and increase customers base with an optimized order success page by Magento 2 Thank You Page extension. Motivate your customers to make repeat purchases and build their loyalty by creating a smart shopping experience.

  • Register newcomers right on the Thank You page
  • Display cross-sells blocks and order review
  • Provide customers with coupons for future purchases
  • Easily add custom CMS blocks
  • Strengthen the retention with newsletter subscription

General Settings

To configure the extension, go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Thank You Page.

Expand the General Settings tab.

Enable - set to Yes to enable the extension.

Block Sorting Order - sort all order success page blocks via handy ‘drag-and-drop’ function.


The extension allows to thank customers with coupons after they complete the first order. Configure this setting to use coupons in the blocks.

Search for Rule - select a shopping cart rule to add the coupon to.

To generate a rule, go to Marketing → Cart Price Rules. The rule should be set to “Use Auto Generation=Yes”

Blocks Configuration

With the extension you are able to add blocks with relevant information, videos, photos and articles, etc. Customize the CMS blocks and choose flexible layout positions without studying CSS.

Display - choose Yes to enable the block on the order success page.

Use CMS Block - if Yes, choose CMS block you want to add to the header. Set to No for custom configuration.

Title - specify the title of the header.

Sub Title - fill in some additional information you want to be displayed.

Text - provide your customers with important details or coupons created here.

Background Image - upload the image to add a custom background to the block. Allowed file types: png, jpg, jpe, jpeg, gif.

Order Review

Display - enable this block to show an order review once a customer completes a purchase.

To inform the customers about their orders in details, see our Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension.

Custom Blocks

Thank You Page extension makes it possible to create up to 3 custom blocks for the order success page.

Display - choose Yes to enable the block on the success page.

Use CMS Block - set to Yes if you want to add a CMS block to the page.

Select CMS Block - choose the block to be displayed on the frontend.

You can create a new CMS block in Content > Elements > Blocks.

Background Image - upload the image to add a custom background to a CMS block.

If your custom block doesn’t contain CMS block, specify the Title, Sub Title,Text and upload a Background Image if needed.


You can enable newsletter subscription block on the Thank You page to let your customers know about bargains, discounts and other limited-time offers.

Display - choose Yes to display newsletter block on the order success page.

To show for newcomers, newsletter should be enabled for guests in Newsletter settings.

Title - specify the title for the block.

Sub Title - add a catchy text to ensure customers for subscription.

Confirmation Message - specify the text of the message that will appear in case a customer subscribes.

Text For Already Subscribed - fill in the text that will be displayed if a customer is already subscribed.


Display this block to increase revenue by showing cross-sell products to customers.

Products Limit - specify the limit of products to show.

Show Out Of Stock - set to No to show the products in stock only.

Create Account

Enable this block to let your random customers create accounts in a few clicks at the moment they feel the highest satisfaction after the completed order.

Set Use CMS Block option to Yes if you want to add a CMS block. If enabled, choose the CMS block. If No, specify the Title, Sub Title and Text for ‘Create Account’ block. Upload Background Image to customize block background.

Show Email Field - set Yes to show email field or No to hide it.

Show Terms And Conditions - choose Yes to provide customers with Terms And Conditions agreement right on the block.

Frontend examples

Motivate your customers to return to the store and buy more by offering coupons, subscribing to newsletter and displaying a cross-sell block on a Thank You page.

Increase your customers base by motivating users create accounts right on the order success page.

Easily add any CMS blocks to the order success page to make it more appealing.

Power up your order success page with Special Promotions and cross-sells.

Find out how to install Thank You Page for Magento 2 via Composer.

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