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For more details see the RMA extension page.

RMA for Magento 2

Manage product returns and exchanges effectively with the powerful RMA for Magento 2 module. Make these processes simple and enhance your customer service.

  • Use RMA for all types of products
  • Set unique statuses
  • Enable guest RMA requests
  • Activate RMA notifications
  • Work with RMA from the backend

Extension Configuration

To configure the extension please go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → RMA.

In the General section you can configure the following options:

Enable per item RMA — allow customers to create RMA requests for each purchased item;

Allow Guest RMA — allow guest visitors to create RMA requests;

Allow to create multiple requests for the same order — allow or restrict multiple requests for the same order;

Minimal time period allowed for RMA after order completion (days) — define the minimal time period allowed for RMA;

Maximal time period allowed for RMA after order completion (days) — define the maximal time period allowed for RMA;

Print Label — enable printing labels;

Max Attachment Size (Mb) — define maximal size for RMA attachments;

URL Address for RMA Requests for Customers — specify the URL key that will substitute rma in the address;

Allowed order statuses for RMA — select the order statuses for which the RMA request creation should be allowed.

Then, expand the Shipping section:

Use default shipping address — set Yes to use the default shipping address or set No to fill in the other address in the Shipping Address field;

Shipping Confirmation Text — specify the shipping confirmation text.

Properties Settings

Next, please expand the Properties section.

Here you can add and specify three types of options for providing RMA in your store. They are:

  • Reasons
  • Conditions
  • Resolutions

Add values to provide customers with extra options when they trying to return or exchange products.

Email and Extra Fields Configuration

Emails are an essential part of RMA. Expand the Email section to configure the following options:

RMA Department Name — fill in the RMA department name;

RMA Department Email — specify the RMA department email address;

Notify Customer by Email — enable the email notifications for customers;

Notify Admin by Email — enable the email notifications for store administrators.

You can configure the Email Templates in the corresponding section. Please select the appropriate template for:

  • Admin Comment
  • Customer Comment
  • New RMA Created

Also, you can add Extra Fields to the RMA requests in the corresponding section.

Status Management

To view RMA statuses or create a new one please go to Sales → RMA section → Statuses.

Hit the Add Status button to create a new one.

Label — fill in the label title;

Active — enable or disable the label;

Allow Print Labels — enable or disable the ability to print labels;

Email Template — select the email template;

Priority — define the label priority.

Then, switch to the Labels tab and specify status labels for each store view.

On the Templates tab you can select a custom email template for each particular store view.

RMA Restriction for Particular Products

With the module, you can disallow RMA requests for certain products. Please go to Catalog → Products and select the product you want to disallow RMA. Find the Allow for RMA option and switch it to No (or Yes if you want to enable it).

Requests Management

To view and edit all RMA requests please go to Sales → RMA section → Requests.

You can click the Order # to switch to the Order View page.

In the Comment History section you can modify the following options:

Status — quickly modify the request status;

Comment — fill in the comment for the customer.

Also, you can attach a file using the appropriate form. Then, hit the Submit Comment button. Below you can see the full history of comments related to this request.

Next, switch to the RMA Items tab to see all products involved in the request. Moreover, on the Notes tab you can add some notes for internal use.

RMA information is also available from orders. Open any order to see the new RMA tab. You can create a new RMA request from the order view by hitting the Create RMA button.

To generate a new shipping label please click the Shipping label link.

Please note that the module creates its shipping labels regardless the shipping method chosen by customer.

Email Templates

To create a new email template please go to: Marketing → Email Templates and click the Add New Template button.

You can create the following templates related to the RMA for Magento 2 module.

  • Admin comment
  • Customer comment
  • RMA created
  • Status changed

Customer Frontend Actions

Customer can overview all returns and exchanges, as well as create a new one in the My Returns section of the account.

Guest visitors can create a RMA request with the help of the Return Requests quick link.

Find out how to install the RMA extension via Composer.

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