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For more details see the Gift Card extension page.

Gift Card

Enable customers to buy gift cards and send them to friends via email or by post. Create an unlimited number of gift cards with different pricing models and keep track of all purchased certificates.

  • Create gift cards with fixed or open amount price types
  • Easily generate and upload gift codes
  • Send gift certificates via email or post office
  • Keep track of all purchased gift cards
  • Offer stunning gift card templates

How do gift cards work?

  • Gift card is an alphanumeric code, consisting of letters and numbers, like BIRTHDAY_DF627. It can be applied at the cart/checkout to cover the order total
  • These codes are groped in code pools: Birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. You can name them as you want. Before selling gift cards, you need to create a code pool for your campaign
  • In the catalog, gift card is represented as a custom product type. A customer can buy this product and get the code. You can allow customers to use gift cards they bought for themselves
  • Gift card is always linked to the code pool. Code pool should be generated first, then a product is linked to the pool
  • A gift card code becomes activated after the order invoiced only. If the order is not paid, a customer will not be able to apply a gift card
  • To track the balance of a particular voucher, Gift Code Accounts are issued. The store manager can adjust the balance manually

How do I ship my gift cards?

  • Gift Card as a product in your catalog may be virtual, printed or combined
  • A virtual gift card is just an email-sent code like virtual and downloadable products, it has no weight, there is no physical inventory and it cannot be shipped
  • When gift card is printed or combined, it means the code is being printed on a sheet of paper and delivered. The delivery flow is standard like for simple products
  • Amasty Gift Card does not cover printing issues, we offer only tracking tools

General Settings


To specify general extension settings please go to System→Configuration→ Gift Card

Specify product types that customers will be able to purchase using a gift card.

Gift Card options

Lifetime (Days) - Specify the time period in days within which the gift card will be valid.

The setting will be applied to all gift card products. Set 0 (zero) value in case you want to limit the time for certificates.

Allow Message - Let customers write a gift message on the product page.

Allow customers to use gift cards they bought for themselves - Enable customers to purchase gift cards for themselves.

Allow customers to choose delivery date for certificates - Set the option to ‘yes’ to enable customers to specify the delivery date for printed certificates.

Timezones to choose - Specify time zones that customers can choose for gift card delivery.

Notify Customers before Certificate Expires - Set the option to ‘yes’ to enable notifications dispatch when the certificate expires.

Number of Days before Expiry - Specify when the expiration notification should be sent.

Email Options

Email Sender - Choose the email sender address.(Configuration → General → Contact)

Email Template - Choose a template for Gift Card emails. To create a template go to System → Transactional email → Create New → Template → choose from the dropdown.

Send copy to - here you can specify emails to which the copy will be sent. (blind carbon copy)

Expiry Notification Email Template - Choose a template for Gift Card expiration notifications. To create a template go to System → Transactional email → Create New → Template → choose from the dropdown.

Send confirmation to sender - Choose 'Yes' if you want to send the gift card order confirmation email.

Sender Confirmation Email Template - Choose a template for Gift Card order notifications. To create a template go to System → Transactional email → Create New → Template → choose from the dropdown.

Product Creation

To add a new Gift Card product go to Catalog →Manage Products → Click Add Product button

Product Type - choose Gift Card product

Gift Card product settings include the same options as other product types except for Prices and Gift Card Information settings.

Amounts - here you can specify different price ranges for your gift cards.

Allow Open Amount - Set the option to ‘yes’ to enable customers to specify their own gift card value.

Open Amount Min Value and Open Amount Max Value - specify min and max value limits.

Price equal to - choose the whole cart amount and the gift card value will be equal to its price. If you want to make gift carts value higher then it's price, choose percent of the card amount and specify a particular percent.

Specify percent - specify the percent of the card value. E.g. If the Card value is 100 and you specify 125 percent in this tab, the card price will be equal to 125. It's also possible to make a gift card price lower then it's value: for example, if you set 90 and the cart value is 100, your customer will by the gift card for $90.

Gift Card Information

Card Type - Specify gift card type: virtual, printed, combined (includes both types).

Lifetime (days) - You can specify the certificate lifetime for each particular gift card product or use the configurable settings

Allow Message - Set the option to ‘yes’ to enable customers to write greeting messages for gift certificates.

Email Template - Specify an email template you want to use for gift card emails or choose configurable settings.

Choose gift card code set - Specify which gift card code set you want to use for each particular gift card product. (Customers > Gift Cards > Gift Card Codes)

Choose gift card images - Specify gift card images available to customers on the gift card product page.

You can also see gift cards, that customers have chosen on the order information page. Go to Sales→ Orders→ choose the order you need.

Gift Card Codes Generation

To create a gift card code set please go to Customers → Gift Cards → Gift Card Codes.

On the Gift Code Sets grid you can view and edit all already created gift code sets.

To add a new gift code set click Add New.

Edit Gift Code Set

Code Set Title - Specify the name of the code set

Code Set Template - Specify the template of the coupon codes, where {L} - is a letter, {D} - is a digit. E.g. PROMO_{L}{L}{D}{D}{D} results in PROMO_DF627.

Gift Code Qty - Set here the number of coupon codes you would like to release.

CSV File - You can upload your own list on CSV format of coupon codes by clicking Choose File.

Codes List

You can see all created codes of a particular code set. And also you can export codes to CSV or XML files.

Gift Card Code Accounts settings

To view and manage gift card accounts please go to Customers → Gift Cards → Gift Code Accounts

On the gift card codes accounts grid you can view and edit the accounts of all purchased gift cards.

Order ID - Click here to get redirected to the order page.

Edit the gift code data like a status, store view, current balance, the date of expiration.

Comment - Admin users can write a comment for each gift card code for their internal needs.

Resend Gift Card

Specify recipient data to resent a gift card code if needed.

In the order history tab, you can view all orders made with a particular gift card code.

Click View to get redirected to the order view page.

Add Gift Card Images

To add a gift card image please go to Customers → Gift Cards →Gift Card Images

Click 'Add new' to add a new image or 'Edit' to edit the already uploaded images.

Specify an image title and a status (active/inactive). All active images will be available to customers on the gift card product page.

Drag me - Use drag-and-drop feature to specify the gift code position.

Email Template Settings

To create or edit the email template please go to System → Transactional Emails → Create new

Choose the template you need and click the Load Template button.

Click 'Preview Template' to see the layout on the frontend.

Load default template - here you can choose the default layout for the specific store views.

Template Content - Here you can edit the template content according to your needs.

Frontend examples

A gift card email

Gift cards on the category page

The gift card product page

A customer can choose or specify the Card Value in USD;

It's also possible to select the gift card image that will be included in the gift card email;

A customer should specify the sender's/recipient's data, the delivery date of the certificate (for the printed version of the gift card) and the time zone.

The gift card on the cart page

All gift card information specified on the product page will be displayed on the shopping cart page as well.

How to use a Gift Card

Where to check the Gift Card information (the value, the date of expiration, current balance, etc)

Registered customers can view the gift card information on the customer's account page in the Gift Cards tab.

Specify Gift Code - Insert here your gift card code received in the email or by a post office to view the gift card details.

On the shopping cart page, the gift card holder should enter the gift card code into a special window and click “Add gift card” link to recalculate the grand total price.

After the gift card is applied the grand total price is automatically recalculated.

It’s also possible to check the gift card status right on the checkout page (the option is available both for registered customers and guest visitors).

A customer can also delete the applied coupon code by clicking “Remove” button.

If a customer pays on a gift card, he chooses No Payment Information Required during the checkout process.

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