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See the way the Mass Product Actions extension works.

Guide for Mass Product Actions for Magento 2

Add Magento 2 mass actions to modify various product-related information in bulk. Change prices, modify and spread attributes, duplicate custom options and images, set related products, cross-sells and up-sells. Apply routine actions to multiple products and save time.

  • Modify price and customize price rounding for multiple products
  • Duplicate attributes, custom options, and product images
  • Mass delete products in a mouse click
  • Create product relations, up-sells and cross-sells
  • Configure the product grid and adjust mass actions
In Mass Product Actions FAQ you can find answers to the most popular questions about the extension functionality.

Extension Configuration

To access the extension general settings, please go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Mass Product Action.


Price Rounding — define one of the rounding algorithms:

  • To specific value — prices will be rounded to a specific value (n.50), so 3.57 and 8.32 would become 3.50 and 8.50;
  • Rounding to two decimal places - updated prices will be rounded to n.00, for example, 3.576 and 8.321 will be rounded to 3.58 and 8.32 respectively;
  • Truncate to two decimal places without rounding - prices will be displayed as n.00, but without the rounding, e.g. if you raise 48.86 by 10%, you get 53.746, and the final price will be 53.74 (not 53.75 as it is in the rounding to two decimal places);
  • Rounding to the nearest integer - prices like 53.76 will be rounded to the nearest integer (54 in this case).
Please note that the price rounding will be applied only when the Change Price action is used.

Enabled Actions — select mass actions that you want to enable for your store.

Copy Attributes — specify the attribute you want to copy for a certain product.

Replace in Attributes — specify the attribute you want to replace for a certain product.

Append Text Position — specify the text position.

Mode to Select Categories - select one of the following modes:

* Name Multiselect — allows selecting among the category names;

* Enter Category IDs — requires IDs of the categories you would like to assign.

Product Linking Algorithms

The Relate, Up-sell, and Cross-sell options allow you to choose linking algorithms for these actions. There are three possible algorithms:

  • Default. Relations between products will be built by the standard Magento functionality (that is when you have to manually indicate related, up-sell and cross-sell items for each product).
  • 2 Way. For example, you have ‘product 1’, ‘product 2’ and ‘product 3’. If you add ‘product 2’ and ‘product 3’ as upsells (or related/cross-sells) for ‘product 1’, only ‘product 1’ will become an up-sell (or related/cross-sell) for ‘product 2’ and ‘product 3’. ‘product 3’ will not become an up-sell (or related/cross-sell) for ‘product 2’ and ‘product 2’ will not become an up-sell (or related/cross-sell) for ‘product 3’.
  • Multi Way. Let’s say you have soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. If you add shampoo and toothpaste as related (or up-sells/cross-sells) to soap, all these products will become related to each other – soap and shampoo will become related (or up-sells/cross-sells) to toothpaste; toothpaste and soap will become related (or up-sells/cross-sells) to shampoo.

You can set the related, up-sell, and cross-sell directions as:

  • Selected to IDs means that all products that you’ve chosen will be added as related (up-selling, cross-selling) to the IDs you write;
  • IDs to Selected is a reverse option: you write the IDs of the products you would like to make related (up-selling, cross-selling).

Mass Actions

Navigate to the product grid (Products → Catalog) and select the products you want to modify. Then select one of the available actions to change product status and attributes, categories and pricing, relate, up-sell and cross-sell, custom options, images, attribute sets, and text.

In general, the consequence is the following:

  1. Select the products;
  2. Choose the action;
  3. Specify the IDs or other types of information;
  4. Apply changes.

See the detailed description of some typical mass product actions below.


Assign Category — let you assign any number of products to a certain category. Choose the option, specify the category's ID or name (for this, select the appropriate mode in the 'Mode to Select Categories' setting in the general settings tab). When done, click the Apply button. All the products that you’ve selected will be assigned to the category.

Take the same steps for the Remove Categories or Replace Categories actions. The selected products will be removed (or replaced) from the category that you choose. After replacing a category for a product, the old URL will be redirected to the new one.

Enter comma-separated IDs of the categories in the IDs field to apply the selected products to multiple categories.


Use the Update Price option to increase or decrease prices either by flat amount or by percent. For example, to decrease prices by 20%, indicate -20% in the By field. To increase prices by 10%, indicate +10%. Specify +10 to increase prices by 10 dollars/euros/etc., and -10 to decrease prices by 10 dollars/euros/etc.

Modify Special Price using Price — enables you to create special prices based on regular prices. To make special prices 20% smaller than regular prices, indicate -20% in the By field. To make special prices 20 (e.g. dollars, euros or pounds) smaller than regular prices, indicate -20 in this field.

Update All Types of Price — enables you to modify all price types including group prices and tier prices. To make all prices 10% higher than regular prices, indicate +10 % in the By field. To make all types of prices 10 (e.g. dollars, euros or pounds) higher than regular prices, indicate + 10 in this field.

Bulk Update for Specific Products: Use Case

Customize your product grid and embed new filters to find the required products faster with the Extended Product Grid. The combination of two extension will help you to find the necessary products and update them in a split second.

How it works:

For example, you want to add +10$ to the prices for all red women blouses in your store (prices are different for blouses, but anyway you want to rice each price by 10$). Let's see how you can do it:

Step 1. Configure the necessary grid view and activate filters. In our case, we need category, attribute set and color filters. Enable new filters in a Columns dropdown.

Step 2. Expand the Filters section and choose the necessary values.

Step 3. Tick all or select the products that you need.

Step 4. Expand the Actions dropdown and apply 'Update Price'. Add +10$ to the each blouse price.

Step 5. Check the result!

Find out more about about the available columns and filters in this guide.

Relate, Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

The Relate action enables you to make products related. Indicate id of the product to which you would like these products to be related and click the ‘Submit’ button. The products will become related based on the algorithm that you choose at the configuration page.

Up-sell and Cross-sell actions work on analogy. They enable to you quickly assign up-sell and cross-sell blocks. You can choose linking algorithms for these actions at the configuration page.

Copy Custom Options

Copy Custom Options — enables you to quickly copy custom options from one product to many others. Use the From Product ID field to specify the ID of the product, from where custom options should be copied to the products you’ve selected.

Change Attribute Set

Change Attribute Set — enables you to change the attribute set of products (by one and in bulk). Pick the necessary products, select the action, then choose the attribute set, which should replace the current one and press the Apply button.

Please be very careful with changing attribute sets for configurable products. If the replacement set does not have an attribute on which the configurable product is based, there will be issues with the display of the configurable product on the frontend (the product page wouldn’t open properly).

Fast Delete

Fast Delete — lets you delete any number of products very fast. It allows you to delete any number of products in one operation. Select the products and choose the Fast Delete option.

Please be aware that the action can’t be reverted, therefore it’s recommended to create a backup before using it.

Replace Text

Use the Replace Text action to easily change the text in different product attributes such as name, description, etc. Insert current attribute text and the text that should be replaced. You should enter text in the following format:

old attribute text->new attribute text

For example:


Copy Images

The Copy Images action lets you copy the image of one particular product to other products. Tick the necessary products, add Magento 2 mass action and specify product ID of an item you want to copy the image from and click the Apply button.

Now, when the catalog is up-to-date, make sure the data you deliver to comparison shopping engines is still accurate. To do it easily, use the Magento 2 Data Feed Manager.

Find out how to install the Mass Product Actions extension via Composer.

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