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For more details see the Google Invisible reCaptcha

Google Invisible reCaptcha

Add Google Invisible reCaptcha to any forms on your website easily. The module enables you to protect your store from bots without any coding.

  • Manage your captcha settings in one place
  • Make changes without digging into a website code
  • Protect your store with the latest security option

Google invisible reCaptcha protects your store from spam and frauds while letting real customers pass through easily. But anyway Captcha integration takes time and coding effort. To minimize your developer's work, we create Invisible Captcha solution. Now it's enough just to fill some settings fields to secure your store.

General Settings

To get the access to the 'Invisible Captcha' settings please go to: System → Configuration → Google Invisible Captcha

Choose ‘Yes’ to enable invisible captcha on your website.

To get ‘Site key’ and ‘Secret key’ click to the ‘here’ link.

Copy keys from this page:

In the 'Urls to enable' field you need to put the URL where form is sent.

Note! It’s not the URL where your form is located.

For example, you would like to add a Google reCAPTCHA to a registration form. This is how to get the URL:

1. Go to the registration form page.

2. Fill in the form.

3. Open the 'Inspect' window, and then the 'Network' tab.

4. After submitting the form you need to find a request with POST in the 'Method' column and 302 Status.

5. Click on this request and in the 'Headers' tab find a 'Request url'. Сopy the path from the url (in our example it is customer/account/createpost/).

6. Paste the URL in the 'URLs to enable' field.

In the 'Selector for forms field' you need to put a CSS selector of the form.

For example, this is how to get a CSS selector for 'Create an account' form:

1. Go to 'Create an account' page and open the 'Inspect' window.

2. Find the HTML code of the form, click on the right mouse button and choose Copy → Copy selector

Note! You should be on 100% sure that the selector is unique. Otherwise, Google CAPTCHA would be added to the all elements that have this selector name. Ask your developer to check it.

3. In our case the selector is .customer-account-create .account-create form and we add it to the 'Selector for forms' field.

Don't forget to click on 'Save' button after you add a CAPTCHA to all forms that you need.

Please note that the module supports 3 forms after the installation.

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