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For more details see the Merge and Disable Customers extension page.

Merge and Disable Customers

Combine multiple client accounts together to keep all info about one customer in one place. Automatically transfer customer and order related data to the main account and disable unnecessary ones.

  • Combine multiple customer accounts
  • Transfer orders and order-related information
  • Shift delivery addresses to the main account
  • Transfer reviews, ratings and wishlists
  • Disable redundant and merged accounts

Merge Accounts

To combine several accounts into 1 please go to CustomersManage Customers.

Step 1. Select necessary accounts.

Step 2. In the Actions tab choose the 'Merge accounts' action.

Step 3. Once the action is selected you'll see a dropdown with the accounts. Choose the main account to which all selected accounts should be merged.

Step 4. Click the Submit button.

By default, all merged accounts will be automatically deactivated.

Activate/Deactivate Users

The module adds an additional column to the Customers grid to let you see account statuses (Is Active: yes/no). You can easily filter accounts by the status.

To activate/deactivate any account manually please go to CustomersManage CustomersSelect the account you needOpen the Account Information tab.

Is active - With this option, you can manually activate/deactivate any account.

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