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For more details see how the Sales Reps and Dealers extension works.

Guide for Sales Reps and Dealers for Magento 2

Provide better shopping experience with the enhanced customer service. Enable sales reps and dealers, effectively manage them and monitor their activity with this handy module.

  • Provide customers with individual dealers
  • Allow shoppers to select their dealers
  • Equip frontend pages with dealer's information
  • Check orders assigned to each dealer
  • Utilize convenient email notification tool
Magento 2 Sales Reps and Dealers extension is compatible with Hyvä themes. You can find the amasty/module-sales-reps-and-dealers-hyva package for installing in composer suggest (Note: the compatibility is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription).
In Sales Reps and Dealers FAQ you can find answers to the most popular questions about the extension functionality.

Extension Configuration

To configure the extension, please go to Stores→ Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Sales Reps and Dealers.

Default Dealer — choose a dealer that will be assigned to all new customers by default;

Send New Order Email to the Dealer — choose Yes to enable sales reps to assign their orders to other reps;

Show Re-assign Fields — choose to display or hide the re-assigned fields in the backend;

Show From To — show or hide from whom to whom the order is re-assigned;

Show Author of Message — enable or disable the author of message display;

Hide the 'Manage Customers' tab — show or hide the Edit User page.

Allow dealers to see all customers and orders - indicate Yes to allow dealers to see all customers and orders in the system.

Then, please proceed to the Re-assigned Order Notifications section.

Send Emails — enable this option to send notifications to both new and old dealers once an order is reassigned;

Dealer Can Assign Order to Other Dealers — choose No in this field and the dealer will be able to assign orders only to the store admins. If you choose Yes the dealer will be able to assign orders to other dealers;

Admin Name — specify the admin name that will receive an email notification;

Admin Email — when an order was re-assigned the assignee gets a notification to this email;

Email Sender — select the email sender;

Email Template — define the email template.

Next, expand the Frontend section.

Allow Customers to select a Dealer on Registration — enable or disable the customer's ability to select dealers on registration;

Allow Customers to select a Dealer in Customer Account — allow or disallow customers to select a dealer in their account;

Show Dealer description at checkout — enable this option to show dealer's description at checkout page;

Show Dealer description in customer dashboard — enable this option to show dealer's description in the customer's dashboard.

Creating Dealer Role

To create a user role for sales reps and/or dealers please go to System → User Roles and click the Add New Role button.

Fill in the Role Name and switch to the Role Resources tab.

When specifying the role resources, please be aware that the extension works only for orders and customers and its restrictions apply to ‘Orders’, ‘Invoices’, ‘Shipments’, ‘Credit Memos’ and ‘Customers’ sections. You can assign other resources to the role but they will not be restricted.

Also, you may need to give dealers the access to Stores → Settings → Configuration → Two Factor Auth and System → Permissions → Two Factor Auth in cases when a dealer can't log in to the admin panel. If the access is given and dealers try to log in, they will get an email about the two-factor authentification configuring. After the configuration, they can log in successfully. Read more about the solutions in this case here.

At the Role Users tab you can select users to assign this role to.

At the Amasty Sales Reps and Dealers tab you can choose Yes to apply the dealer role restrictions to the user.

Creating Dealer User

Please go to System → All Users and click the Add New User button to create a user for the dealer role.

At the User Info tab please specify the user details:

  • User Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Then, switch to the User Role tab and select the corresponding dealer role that you created on the previous step.

At the Additional tab you can specify more info about the dealer/sales rep. This data will be displayed to assigned customers on the checkout page as well as on the customer account page.

This info can be added and edited only by store admin user.

At the Manage Customers tab you can assign customers to the dealer. The user will be able to see only these customers on the Manage Customers grid, only orders placed by these customers on the order grid, and documents (invoices, shipments, and credit memos) related to orders of these customers.

At the Restrictions tab you can assign the user to a particular customer group. By default users are assigned to all customer groups. If you assign a user to a certain group he or she will be able to add customers only to this group.

At the Reports tab you can view all orders assigned to this dealer.

It is possible to filter and sort orders on this grid. So, for example, if you pay commissions to sales reps/dealers based on complete orders, you can filter the list to show only completed orders.

Emails Customization

To create specific emails with the required information, you can use the built-in email template Dealer Assign.

Also, you can include dealer info in any order emails by adding the Dealer Contact Name variable.

Sorting and Filtering Orders by Dealer

Navigate to Sales → Orders. Here is the list of all placed orders that the main admin can see. The Dealers column is added to the grid, so the main admin can see which orders are assigned to what dealers, filter and sort orders by dealers.

Assigning Dealers for Orders

To assign an order to a dealer please open Sales → Orders and edit a particular order. At the Assign Dealer tab you can select who will work on the order.

You can fill in the Comment field when assigning a dealer.

Managing Orders as a Dealer

On the Orders Grid dealer can see only the orders assigned to him or her by the admin user or a customer.

When creating an order from the admin panel, sales reps and dealers can only create orders for customers that are assigned to them.

When a dealer is trying to create an order for any assigned customer he or she will be able to specify only the customer group selected by the store administrator.

Selecting a Dealer as a Customer

Customers can select a dealer during the registration process.

Also, customer can choose a dealer to work with.

Find out how to install the Sales Reps and Dealers extension via Composer.

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