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For more details see how Pre Order for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Pre Order for Magento 2

The extension allows you to market the out of stock or just announced goods. Your customers can pre order or backorder your goods that are temporary unavailable for immediate purchase.

Functional Options

To configure the module, go to admin panel → Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Pre Order.

Enable Pre Orders - To enable pre orders, set to Yes.

Please, mind that the extension is working mainly on the basis of default Magento backorder functionality and therefore it affects only in-stock products. Before checking the functionality on frontend, please make sure that the product’s Stock Status is set to In Stock.

Allow Pre Orders for Products with Zero and Below Zero Qty - Choose whether to allow pre orders for products with zero quantity. If set to “No”, it is possible to pre order products that have quantity set to 1 or higher only. This way you can limit number of products available for pre order.

Disable Pre Order for Items with Qty Above Zero - If set to “Yes”, pre orders will take effect only for products with quantity 0 or lower.

Enable RMA for all types of products with the Magento 2 returns/exchange system.

Display Options

Add to Cart Button Text - Specify the text that will be displayed instead of the Add to Cart button on category and product pages for all pre ordered products.

Default Pre Order Note - You can display the same text with all pre ordered products. It’s possible to use {variables} with product attributes.

Pre-Order Note Output Place - Choose where to display the Pre-Order Note, using selectors. You can specify any valid selector. Also, you can determine several selectors separated by a comma. For example: .stock, .availability. This can be helpful when the output places differ on different pages.

Show Pre-Order Note on Category Pages - Control the display of Pre-Order Notes on the catalog and listing pages.

Pre Order Warning - Create a message to display with order information.

Pre Order Warning in Shopping Cart - This warning is shown only when there is not enough quantity of ordered product. Here the '%1$s' is the product name and the '%2$s' is the pre-ordered product qty.

Use '%1$s' (product name), '%2$s' (pre-ordered product qty) to create your warning message.

Additional Options

Detect Complex Products Which Consist only of Pre-Order Components - When set to Yes, the pre order warning will be displayed before the customer selects any product configuration. The option works for configurable, bundle and grouped products if all their components have pre order status.

Automatically Add Warning to Transactional Emails - When enabled, the Pre-Order Note will be added to transactional emails automatically.

Here's the example of an email with the Pre-Order Note.

Install Magento 2 Google Rich Snippets extension to indicate that the item is available for pre-order in the Google Rich Snippets displayed right on the search result page.

Order Grid

To navigate the order grid, go to admin panel → Sales → Orders. You can filter the pre orders by clicking the Pre Order column.

Order Info

On the order info page all the products ordered in advance will be marked as pre order.

Pre Order for Simple Products

Pre order message and customizable button on a product page.

To enable pre order function for a simple product:

  • Go to Admin Panel → Catalog → Products
  • Select an existing product or create a new one
  • On the product info page, press Advanced Inventory

In the Advanced Inventory tab, untick Use Config Settings checkbox under Backorders field and select Allow Pre-Orders option from the dropdown.

You can specify custom Pre-Order Cart Button and Pre-Order Note for a simple product. Leave it blank, and the values that you set in the Display Options will be applied.

Pre-order note, e.g. “Available in 2 weeks” is saved for each particular order. Once admin changes the information to “Available in 5 weeks”, it will be applied to new orders only.

Pre Order via Mass Action

To activate pre order and customize pre order note & cart button in bulk (for many products at the same time):

  • Go to Admin Panel → Catalog → Products → Move to Grid
  • Select necessary products on the grid
  • Choose Update attributes in Actions dropdown
  • On the Products Information page, click Advanced Inventory tab
  • Find Backorders field, check Change checkbox, uncheck Use Config Settings, Select Allow Pre-Orders from the drop-down

  • Then switch to Pre-Order section on the bottom, check Change checkboxes, and edit Pre-Order Cart Button and Pre-Order Note texts

Pre Order for Configurable Products

To activate pre orders for configurable, grouped or bundle products, you need either to enable the feature for each particular simple product of the compound one (See Pre Order for Simple Products Settings) or activate it via mass action (Check Pre Order via Mass Action Settings)

To find out what are the simple products of configurable, grouped, or bundle item:

  • Select this product on the grid
  • View all associated simple products in the Configurations section of the product details tab.

Pre order option for a configurable product on the front-end.

Frontend examples

The pre order message you’ve specified for each particular product in the Advanced Inventory tab is displayed on a shopping cart page.

Warning message in the Orders tab of a customer's account.

Pre order note is also displayed at the Checkout in order summary section

Find out how to install the Pre Order extension via Composer.
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