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See the way the Omnibus Price Tracker for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Omnibus Price Tracker for Magento 2

Make your Magento store compliant with the pricing requirements of the EU Omnibus Directive. Properly indicate Omnibus Prices to provide customers with clear and transparent pricing information and protect your store from heavy fines.

  • Display the lowest product price (Omnibus Price) from the last 30 days before the price change
  • Place Omnibus Prices both on product and category pages
  • Automatically calculate and show the minimum prices for all or only for discounted products
  • Track and manage price change history from the convenient grid
The new EU Omnibus Directive (2019/2161) has been in effect since January 7, 2020.

General Settings

To configure the general extension settings, please go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Extensions → Omnibus Price Tracker → General.

Enable Price History - select Yes to enable the extension and start collecting price change data.

Please, be aware that the extension starts tracking and collecting price change information only after its enabling. It means you can’t view the old price change data (for the period before the extension’s enabling) on the grid.

Price History Auto-Cleaning - set to Yes if you’d like to have price change records automatically removed after the specified time period in days expires.

Auto-Cleaning Period in Days - specify the number of days after which old records will be removed automatically.

Display Omnibus Prices On - choose where you want to display Omnibus Prices:

  • None;
  • Product Pages;
  • Product and Category Pages.

Period in Days - set up the exact period in days prior to the price changes which the extension will use for the lowest price (Omnibus Price) automatic calculation.

Please note that in the current version of the Omnibus Price Tracker extension, the date of the price reduction is not included in the lowest (Omnibus) price calculated period by default.
The extension allows specifying any number of days as a base for the Omnibus Price calculation. But according to the EU Omnibus Directive, the lowest price calculated period must be not shorter than 30 days prior to the application of the price reduction.

Display Mode - select the product type to display Omnibus Prices on:

  • Discounted Products - products with valid discounts;
  • All Products - products with valid discounts + products that have ever been discounted but currently have regular prices.
The EU Omnibus Directive requires the indication of Omnibus Prices for products with reduced prices (discounted products) only. However, the extension also offers the option to display Omnibus Prices for products even after the expiration of discounts, as long as price change logs are stored (all products).

Price Change History Grid

After the Omnibus Price Tracker extension is installed and enabled, it starts tracking price changes taking into account the applications of special prices and catalog price rules. All these price changes are recorded on the grid where you can monitor and filter price change history to meet your particular needs.

Filter the recordings on the grid by SKU, ID, date, new and latest price, or use combinations of different filters to rapidly find the ones you exactly need.

Manually delete unnecessary or old price recordings by choosing them on the grid and clicking on the Delete option in the mass action dropdown. Also, you can delete all recordings from the grid by tapping the Clear Log button.

Go directly to the product edit pages by clicking on the View Product options in the Action column.

Frontend Examples

Here is an example of the product page with a special price applied:

This is the product page with the several price changes:

See how the Omnibus Prices are displayed on the category page:

Find out how to install Omnibus Price Tracker for Magento 2 via Composer.

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