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Magento 1 Duplicate Categories extension is no longer available for purchase. To buy this extension for Magento 2, please visit the Duplicate Categories for Magento 2 extension page.

Guide for Duplicate Categories

Create the exact copy of the existing categories in a number of clicks. Dramatically save time on duplicating categories in multi-store configurations.

  • Duplicate categories correctly
  • Keep category levels when duplicating
  • Save product assignments in the duplicated categories
  • Replace the required content for duplicate categories
  • Save tons of time on making category copies

Duplicating Categories

The module allows you to duplicate categories using the default Magento interface. Navigate to Catalog → Manage Categories. Then, select on of the existing categories and the Duplicate category button will appear.

Next, at the duplication page you can specify some details:

Select Parent Category — choose which category will be a parent one for the category you duplicate. For example, you would like to copy category ‘Chairs’ to a different website within your Magento. You can choose which category will be parent for the duplicate in the new website.

Copy Product Relations — if Yes, all products from the existing category will be added to the duplicate automatically. If No, the items from the primary category will not appear in a duplicated one.

Include Subcategories — enable this option to duplicate subcategories together with the main category.

Then, navigate to the Search and Replace section.

You can make replacements in the following fields of the duplicate category:

  • name;
  • description;
  • meta keywords;
  • meta description.

Words from the Search For fields will be replaced with content from the Replace With field.

If you don’t need to make any replacements, please leave these fields empty.

Hit the Duplicate button to create the copy of the category.

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