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For more details see the Condifgurable Product Matrix extension page.

Product Matrix

The module displays a handy product matrix for simple options of configurable items to let visitors quickly add multiple child products to cart. Store admins can choose specific items for which the matrix should be displayed and hide out of stock products.

  • Product matrix for simple options of configurable items
  • Display the matrix for specific products only
  • Hide out of stock products from the matrix display
  • Display the 'Old Price' column
  • Add multiple product configurations to cart at once

Manage Attributes Order

IMPORTANT: The module displays the matrix for configurable products based on the last product attribute. To generate the matrix for the necessary attribute place the corresponding attribute last.

To change attributes order please go to CatalogManage Products → open the necessary configurable product → Click on the Associated Products tab.

To change attributes order please drag and drop them the way you need.

Configure Extension Settings

To configure extension settings please go to SystemConfigurationProduct Matrix.

Display Last Attributes in Rows - the option offers 2 modes:

  • For Specified Products
  • For All Products

Choose 'No' to disable the extension.

Display Out Of Stock Options - Set the option to 'No' to hide out of stock options of a configurable product from the matrix display.

Display Old Price Column - If you offer any products with discounts and want to emphasize the price difference between the old and the discounted price enable this feature. Once the feature is activated, the 'Old Price' column will be added to the matrix.

Display Available Qty Column - Display the column with the amount of available quantity of the product. The extension will display the inventory for each particular simple product.

Select Products for Matrix Display

In case you've chosen the Display Last Attributes in Rows for particular products, you need to specify the products for which the matrix will be shown.

To enable the matrix for a specific product, please go to Catalog → Manage Products - > Open the necessary configurable product and set the Display Last Attributes in Rows to 'Yes'.

Frontend Example

Below you can see the example of a product matrix based on the 'Size' attribute.

To display the color swatches as it's shown in the screenshot you should have the Color Swatches Pro extension installed.

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