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For more details see the Order Approval extension page.

Order Approval

Protect your store from fraudulent orders by implementing an additional order verification step. Automatically send all suspicious orders to admin moderation.

  • Generate flexible rules to detect doubtful orders
  • Show a warning order message on the checkout
  • Send email notifications to store admins and admin users

General Settings

IMPORTANT! To make the module work with downloadable products please make sure that the 'Order Item Status to Enable Downloads' option is set to Invoiced.

To find the option go to SystemConfigurationCatalogDownloadable Product Options.

To configure general extension settings please go to SystemConfigurationOrder Approval.

Enabled - Set to 'Yes' to switch the extension on.

Contact Phone - specify the contact phone number that will be used for Order Disapproval notifications.

Contact Email - specify a contact email address that will be indicated in the Order Disapproval notifications for customers.

Checkout Notification

Activate the Checkout Notification option to inform customers that their order requires additional moderation. The message will be displayed when the order meets at least one of rule conditions.

Checkout Notification - Enable the display of a checkout notification and specify the notification text.

Admin Email Notifications

Notification recipients can be specified in two ways: by indicating emails or by selecting a specific user role.

Variant #1:

Notify admin - enable this option to send an email notification to an admin user once a new order is marked as suspicious.

Recipients - choose “Set up recipients emails” if you want to specify particular emails to which notifications will be sent.

Recipients emails - indicate one or more admin user emails to which notifications will be sent.

Email Template - select the necessary email template.

Variant #2:

Recipients - select the “Choose User Role” option to send email notifications about a new suspicious order to all admin users assigned to a specific role. Keep track of all the admin role changes with Magento log admin actions module.

Recipients Roles - select the recipient role. In our example, this is the “ Order Approvers” role.

To create a new admin role please go to SystemPermissionsRoles.

Customer Email Notifications

There are 3 types of email notifications for customers. You can enable all of them or only the one(s) you need. Specify an email template for each notification type.

Order Aprroval Rules

To create a new rule that will trigger order approval go to SalesOrder Approval Rules.

Rules Grid

Click on the 'Edit' link in the rules grid to view and edit already created rules. Click on the 'New Order Approval Rule' button to create a new rule.

Rule Configuration

In the General rule settings tab you can:

  • Enable the rule;
  • Specify rule name;
  • Select store views and customer groups for which the rule will work.

Predefined Rule Conditions

Apply - the module lets you specify one of the predefined conditions or configure custom ones.

Predefined Conditions are based on:

  • Whole product category;
  • Specific products (select necessary products);
  • User's country (select a country or countries from the dropdown;
  • Payment Method (specify a specific payment method).
Hold the CTRL key to select multiple values.

Custom Rule Conditions

Choose the Custom condition type to configure your own conditions.

You can specify conditions based on multiple parameters like cart attributes, products subselection, conditions and product attributes combinations.

'Orders for Approval' Grid

To open the 'Order for Approval' grid please go to SalesOrders for Approving.

Bulk Actions - to approve/disapprove orders in bulk right from the grid, tick the necessary orders and select the corresponding action in the 'Actions' dropdown.

Export To - export orders for approval to CSV or XML files.

View - to check an order before approval click on the 'View' link in the right column of the grid.

Order Info Page

Approve/disapprove orders in one click from the order info page.

Email Templates Settings

To create a new email template please go to SystemTransactional Emails → Click 'Add New Template' button.

Load Template - in the Load Template block select the necessary template and click the Load Template Button.

Template Content - after the template is loaded, you can edit email template content according to your needs.

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