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For more details see the Stripe Payment extension page.

Guide for Stripe Payment

Simply integrate your Magento store with a flexible and fast-growing payment gateway - Stripe and provide your customers with a user-friendly and safe payment experience.

  • Manage Stripe via Magento admin panel
  • Easily integrate your store with next-gen payment gateway
  • Allow payment via the most popular credit and debit cards
  • Make your payment user-friendly

How to integarte merchant's Stripe account with a Magento store?

First, go to System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Stripe

To activate the payment method click Enable - 'Yes'.

Specify the frontend title of the Stripe payment in the 'Title' field.

API Publishable Key - get the key from your Stripe account

API Secret Key - and this kee you can also find in your Stripe account

Merchant Country - here you need to name a merchant's country that you set in the Stripe Account.

Sort Order - here you can set the order in which the payment methods will be displayed on the checkout page.

For more information, please, visit Stripe documentation (it's really nice indeed).

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