See the way Configurable Products in Bundles for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Configurable Products in Bundles for Magento 2

Create bundles with configurable products to offer customers what they really need and increase average check with Magento 2 Bundle Product extension.

  • Combine configurable and simple products in one bundle
  • Create custom options for products in a bundle or use a preset
  • Display bundle as a single product or split it in the cart
  • Assign custom price for products in a bundle
  • Add thumbnails to display product images in a bundle list
  • Use various option types to display product options in bundles

Bundle Creating

To create a new Bundle product please go to Catalog > Products > Add Bundle Product page:

Add New Product page opens.

Then scroll down to the ‘Bundle Items’ section and press ‘Add Option’ button:

New Option tab opens.

Then you need to define ‘Option Title’, ‘Input Type’ and check if this Option is required:

Configurable product works properly only for ‘Drop-down’, ‘Radio Buttons’ or ‘Checkbox’ Input types

After that please press ‘Add Products to Option’ button. Add Products to Option pop-up opens.

You could now select products for an option. ‘Configurable Products in Bundles’ extension allows you to see Configurable products in this list, select them and add as an option.

After ‘Add Product’ action you will see your Configurable product(s) in the options list.

Now you need to define ‘Default Quantity’ for this option and select if customer will be able to define this value. Also the extension provides an opportunity to select Configurable product’s options that will be available for a user on storefront.

Then you can save a product and check the result on storefront.

Storefront example

Here is an example how Bundle product will be shown on storefront. We’ve created a Bundle with the following options:

  • One required option with ‘Radio Buttons’ input type, consists of 2 configurable products, with default quantity = 1 (can be defined by user). Each configurable product has some options selected.

The result on storefront:

Here you can see Bundle’s option with two radio buttons, each contains configurable product with inputs to define its options. Quantity could be defined by customer manually.

Separate Bundles

Admin can define if Magento should separate bundle items to particular products or leave the bundle as a solid product after 'Add to Cart' action. You should use ‘Separate Cart Items’ setting for this purpose. This setting will be set up for each bundled product and has ‘No’ value by default.

  • ‘No’ value means that the bundle product will be added to the cart as a single line item:
  • If the setting is set up to ‘Yes’ – Magento will separate bundle to multiple lines, so it will look like customer has added several products to the cart:
There is no connection between items after separation (add to cart action), so if you want to use some Magento ‘bundle’ functionality (for example to force customer buy several products together) you should leave ‘Separate Cart Items’ set to ‘No’.

Thumbnails Settings

To enable options’ images thumbnails, please, go to Stores > Configuration > EWAVE > Configurable Products in Bundle

Select ‘Yes’ in ‘Show Bindle Option’s Images on PDP to enable options’ images thumbnails.

Displaying methods for configurable and singles:

  • Dropdown options - above dropdown, change on selection
  • Radiobutton - beside each option
  • Checkbox - beside each option
  • Multiple select - above multiple select, maybe in carousel (note: Only for single)

Visual Examples:

Find out how to install the Configurable Products in Bundles extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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