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See the way Donations Suite for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Donations Suite by MageWorx for Magento 2

Magento 2 Donations Suite is the extension that makes it possible to accept online donations and support non-profits and charities you care about.

  • Accept donations on the shopping cart page
  • Add multiple charity organizations for donations
  • Provide buyers with maximum info about charities
  • Specify predefined donation amounts

Extension configuration

Backend setup

The main extension’s settings can be found under Stores ⟶ Configuration ⟶ MageWorx ⟶ Donations.

Accept Donations enables/disables the entire donation functionality in the store.

Enable Cart Donations adds the donations box to the shopping cart page. If disabled, the donations functionality will be disabled in the cart page on the front-end. It is possible to add donations via the backend though.

Enable donations in Admin Orders enables/disables the possibility to add donations from the backend.

Minimum Donation specifies the minimal value of the allowed donations. This will be shown on the frontend as well.

Please bear in mind that this value is for the frontend only. For the orders with donations that are being created in the backend, it won't be counted.

Default Description allows setting the default text of the donation box, shown on the front-end.

Donation Amount Placeholder sets the placeholder (default text, which is shown inside the input field) for the donation amount field if the custom donation amounts are allowed:

Default Organization allows you to choose the default charity, which will be pre-selected on the front-end if the charity functionality is enabled.

Show Predefined Amounts allows you to add the predefined donation amounts available for your customers. Below this field, the store owner can add these values one by one.

Enable Donation Custom Amount allows you to enable the feature of custom donation amounts. If enabled, your customers will be able to specify custom donation amounts on the front-end.

Predefined amounts allows you to add the predefined donation amounts available for your customers.


This is the way how these settings can be combined to show the donations on the frontend. The predefined amounts are shown in the dropdown menu. If Custom Amount is selected, the client can specify the desired value. The donation placeholder text (Enter your donation in this case) is shown on this box.

Enable Round Up Donation enables the round-up functionality.


It provides the possibility to add some small donation amounts, calculated as a round-up of the order total to the full price. In case the user's subtotal has the decimal part (like $20.40), this setting will allow adding the roundup (60 cents) to the donation.

If the subtotal doesn't have a decimal part, the 'round-up' feature will add $1.

The round-up amount is added to the selected charity (if this feature is enabled).

Donations Round Up Message set the message, which is shown near the 'Round-up' check-box on the front-end. You can use the following variables here: %roundupamount% - inputs the rounded amount; %charity% - inputs the selected organization.

Enable Gift Aid Donations enables the Gift Aid functionality.

Gift Aid confirmation message set the confirmation notice required to be compliant with Gift Aid.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer. See more details on JustGiving and on

The Donations Suite extension allows you to collect the donations compliant with Gift Aid. You can enable the Gift Aid feature in the extension configuration. See the Back-end setup section.

Once the Gift Aid is enabled, the “Gift Aid” check-box will appear on the front-end. If your customers will choose it, they will have to select another check-box to confirm they are UK taxpayers. Once it is confirmed, the new field to enter their UK address will appear.

All these details are stored in the order and you can see these columns in Magento 2 native orders grid (Sales ⟶ Orders).

These columns are also added to the orders export feature in order to easily export all orders with Gift Aid.

Track donations

The extension gives you the ability to see all orders with the donations on a single page. To see all orders with donations, please navigate to Sales ⟶ MageWorx Donations ⟶ Donations. The grid has the Donation amount and the Organization column to display the added donation amount and the selected organization/charity. The orders grid is available for each organization as well, on its settings page.

Manage charities

To add or edit the organization/charities section, please go to Sales ⟶ MageWorx Donations ⟶ Organizations.

To add the new Charity, click the Add New Organization button.

Under these settings, you can specify the Name of the charity and its Description, upload an Image (logo), define the Sort Order and the Status of this charity (active or not active).

Name, Description, and the Image will be shown on the frontend. The Sort Order determines the position of this charity.

The Orders section displays all orders with the donations for a certain charity:

Donations for back-end orders

You can also add the donation to the orders, created in the back-end (add the products to the order first):

When added, it will be shown in the order summary:

Frontend examples

On the frontend, the donations box is shown in the cart sidebar. Please check the image below to see how the cart block looks like if all features are enabled:

A customer can choose the charity organization from the dropdown:

Also, a customer can choose one of the predefined amounts to donate:

Or choose a custom amount:

In the picture below, you can see how the enabled Gift Aid functionality looks for customers on the frontend.

Themes compatibility

The extension is compatible with Magento 2 Luma, Porto, and Ultimo themes by default. If you have any issues with compatibility with any other 3rd party themes, please drop us a line and we will be happy to assist.

Find out how to install the Donations Suite extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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