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See the way Mobile Login for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Mobile Login for Magento 2

Simplify the login process in your store and meet customers' expectations with this Magento 2 Mobile Login extension.

  • Allow customers to log in by a phone number in your store
  • Enable one-time password (OTP) login
  • Ensure both login options - by password or OTP
  • Notify users by email about every attempt to log in


Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to Store → Configuration to configure the extension for use. Here you can find option to enable the extension. Mobile Login: Option to enable or disable extension. Applicable Countries: Enable Mobile login facility for all countries or specific countries as per need. Specific Countries: If you want to enable mobile login functionality for specific countries you need to make a selection of countries from here.

SMS Gateway API Settings

  • Username: Enter username you have got while registration with MSG91.
  • Password: Enter the password for the user entered.
  • Authentication Key: Enter the authentication key of MSG91.
  • Message Type: Select the Message Type.
  • Sender ID: Enter sender ID or Name provided by MSG91.
  • API URL: Enter API URL for MSG91. Copy Same From Comment.

General Settings

Login Type: Select login type to allow customers while login. OTP String Length: Set OTP string length. OTP String Type: Select OTP string type from drop down. Send Login Notification Email to Users ID: Select YES to send login notifications to users. Email Template: Select Email template for login notification. Email Sender: Select Email sender.

Registration OTP Message

Enter message to send to users when they register. The message will contain OTP to register verification.

Forgot Password OTP Message

\ If customers forget password and click to reset, this message will be sent along with OTP to reset password.

Login OTP Message

This message will be sent along with OTP to login to a specific store.

Mobile Login Popup Layout

Using the backend option, you can choose frontend mobile login popup layout either standard or ultimate. Standard Layout: In Standard layout you can pick any of your favorite layout from available 10 default predefined templates. Ultimate Layout: You can use ultimate layout if you want to upload your own image.

Frontend Customer Registration

Once Mobile Login is configured properly, you can see you defined frontend popup layout. Whenever a new user clicks on the register, he or she will be asked to enter the required details and verify the mobile number using OTP. Registration OTP SMS to Customers: Once customer enters mobile number and click Send OTP, they get SMS with OTP to verify mobile number and complete registration process. After successful registration, your new customer will be redirected to their My Account section with a success message.

Frontend Mobile Login

Once your customer is successfully registered to your Magento 2 store, he or she can quick login either using OTP or password.

Login with OTP: Login with Password:

Frontend Forgot Password

If your customer anyhow forgets their password they can easily retrieve their password with a choice to reset the password using a mobile number or email.

Forgot password using Mobile: Forgot password using Email:

Mobile Login in Default Signup & Login

The extension binds Mobile login option & verification with default Magento 2 signup & sign in forms.

Default Magento 2 Customer Registration Form: Default Magento 2 Customer Login Form:

Mobile Login in Guest Checkout

If the admin have disabled guest checkout, your customer will still able to quickly login using their mobile number.

Mobile Number Update In Front-end (My Customer Account)

The customer found option in my account section “Update Mobile Number” where customer easily update exciting verified number with a new mobile number – Customer will need to verified the number before adding into account.

REST API for Mobile Login

Access API with full URL and Request-Response

To access the API and its detail, structure of request & response, you have to open API portal (swagger) in Magento,

This URL will list all available APIs with its request structure & response.

GraphQL API for Mobile Login

You can simply use our Postman GraphQL Collection to configure our Mobile Login from here

Find out how to install the Mobile Login extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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