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See the way Partial Payments for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Partial Payments for Magento 2

Expand your payment options by allowing customers to pay partially for your products with Magento 2 Partial Payment extension.

  • Add partial payment option to the checkout
  • Allow partial payment for multiple orders at once
  • Create an email notification about the outstanding amount
  • Supports native Magento payment methods

Initial configuratios

Stores > Configuration > Ewave Extensions > Partial Payment

  • Enable Partial payment - Yes/No: Enable/Disable the extension
  • Complete Order Status - Multiple select with order statuses list: This setting does not affect customer’s first order, but it there is at least one order in selected status, user can proceed with partial payment for its second and following orders
  • Outstanding invoice email template - List: Ability to choose a template for outstanding invoice. Additional templates can be created through Marketing>Email Templates
  • Round Payed Item Quantity In Email - Yes/No: You have ability to allow rounding to integers in emails. Quantity will be rounded down to the integer (e.g. 12.2 → 12; 0.8 → 0)
  • Enable Zero Payment Partial Invoice for Admin - Yes/No: Ability to create an zero invoice for admins

Stores > Configuration > SALES > Payments Methods > Partial Payment (section)

  • Enabled - Yes/No: Ability to switch off Partial Payment method
  • Title - Text field: Title for the partial payment method
  • Can Capture First Invoice - Yes/No: Ability to create the first order in “done” status. “Yes” means that the first order can be created and marked as paid offline. “No” allows to create the first invoice only in the “pending” state
  • Allow For the First Invoice - Yes/No: Is the partial payment method applicable for the first order of the customer
  • Enabled on Front - Yes/No: Allows to display partial payment method on storefront
  • New Order Status - Yes/No: Ability to create an zero invoice for admins
  • Payment from Applicable Countries - Allowed for all/for specific countries: You may set up allowed for the partial payments list of countries
  • Sort Order - Text: You may specify a sort order for the partial payment method

Partial Payments for back-office

1. Extension supports all Magento native payment methods, include Braintree’s PayPal and Braintree’s Credit Card. So, on the Sales > Orders > Create New Order page website admin will be able to use ‘Partial payment section’ for all Braintree payment methods and for custom ‘Partial Payment’ method (if it’s enabled in settings):

If ‘Would you like to pay partially’ option is set up to ‘Yes’ - ‘Pay Amount’ input will be available in this section, so admin could define initial amount to be paid.

System will generate an Invoice with a defined amount after an order will be placed. Pay Amount could be set as ‘0’ (means that nothig should be paid right now) – so, zero Invoice will be generated in this case. For all further actions with an order go to the Sales > Orders > View Order Detail Page Also there is ‘Partially Paid’ filter/column available for the Orders grid, so you could enable it if you need.

2. At the Sales > Orders > View Order Detail Page in the backoffice admin could see ‘Partial Payment’ section at the top of all tabs: Here you can see if the Order has been partially paid or not. System will set this option to ‘Yes’ after you create an Order with a ‘Would you like to pay partially’ option is set up to ‘Yes’, and will set it to ‘No’ automatically when the while Order amount will be paid (e.g. all Order’s Invoices).

Also admin is able to use ‘Send outstanding payment invoice email’ button to send a reminder for a customer with the amount should be paid for the Order. Email template should be set in ‘Outstanding invoice email template’ module setting.

3. To pay for the Order partially admin should go to the ‘Invoices’ tab and create a new Invoice. In Payment Section all payment methods that supports Partial Payment will be available for selection. If ‘Would you like to pay partially’ setting will be set up to ‘No’ – Invoice will be created for a full Due amount. If this setting will be set up to ‘Yes’ – admin will be able to set Invoice amount using ‘Pay Amount’ input.

Partial Payments on storefront

1. ‘Partial Payment’ method should be configured and enabled for storefront functionality to be available. This should be done at ‘Stores > Configuration > SALES > Payments Methods > Partial Payment (section)’. Then customer will be able to select ‘Partial Payment’ method on checkout (title could be configured in settings): 2. When this kind of Order will be placed customer should go to ‘My Account > Partially Paid Orders’ section to pay for an Order(s): 3. On ‘Partially Paid Orders’ page customer will see list of Orders that could be paid partially: On this page customer is able to select one or several Order that he want to pay for and define payment amount. All payment methods that are supported by Partial Payment extension are available for making a payment. In native Magento installation there are Braintree’s PayPal and Braintree’s Credit Card payments. Invoice total line shows payment amount and you can pay for a number of orders by one payment

Find out how to install the Partial Payments extension for Magento 2 via Composer.

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