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For more details see how the Store Credit & Refund for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Store Credit & Refund for Magento 2

Boost sales by turning refunds into revenue. Use automated refund system and your ‘store currency’ to reduce loses on returns and build customers’ loyalty.

  • Grant store credits to motivate your customers make new purchases
  • Easily add custom store credit amount to enhance customers’ loyalty
  • Allow customers to spend their store credits on purchase
  • Quickly refund orders with store credits to boost sales
  • Allow shoppers to track their refunds and store credits right in the Account
  • Notify customers about any changes in their store credit balance


Use the video guide to set up the Store Credit & Refund extension.

To configure the extension, go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Store Credit.

Expand the General tab.

General Settings

Enable Module - set to Yes to enable refunding to Magento 2 store credit balance.

Refund Store Credit Automatically - select Yes if you want the Refund to Store Credit option to be set on the credit memo page by default.

Allow applying Store Credit on Tax - enable this option if you want to allow customers apply store credit currency on taxes.

Allow applying Store Credit on Shipping - set to Yes to enable your customers to apply store credit balance on shipping.

Use One Step Checkout to timely remind your customers of one more payment option and ensure a seamless process.

Product Creation

To create a store credit product please go to Products → Catalog → click on the Add Product button and select the Store Credit by Amasty product type in the dropdown.

Store Credit Product Settings

Store Credit product settings include the same options as other product types except for Prices settings. To set store credit price and possible pricing options, expand the Amasty Store Credit Prices tab.

Amounts - You can set a fixed price for a store credit product.

The specified prices will be displayed on the frontend product page.

To add even more flexible pricing options, you may enable Open Amount.

Open Amount - Enable the option to let customers specify a custom store credit amount.

Open Amount Min/Max Value - Limit an open amount with min/max values.

On the frontend the feature will be displayed in the following way:

Usage Configuration

Apply Store Credit to Specific Products - enable this setting if you’d like to specify a group of products the store credit can or can’t be applied to.

Action - choose whether you’d like the store credit to apply or do not apply to specific products.

SKU - specify a comma-separated list of SKUs the store credit can or can’t be applied to.

Category ID - specify a comma-separated list of category IDs the store credit can or can’t be applied to.

The inability to apply store credit to the whole cart may be confusing to the customers. That is why the following settings were implemented:

Add Tooltip in Store Credit Block - enable this setting to display a tooltip in the Store Credit block that will notify customers about details of Usage Configuration.

Tooltip Text - specify the message of your tooltip. Limited to 500 symbols.

Encourage Using Store Credit - set to ‘Yes’ to encourage customers to use as much store credit as possible. Once enabled, the Store Credit block will be unfolded by default and the maximum possible amount of store credit will be offered to apply.

Email Notification

The extension allows to notify your customers about changes in their Magento 2 credit balance automatically via an email subscription and let them stop notifications.

Enable Store Credit Balance Update Email - choose Yes to enable automatic notifications about the updates in customers’ store credit balance.

Send Email Actions - specify the particular actions which you want your customers to be aware of.

Store Credit Update Email Sender - choose your company contact that will be used as an email sender.

Store Credit Reply To - specify the contact for replies.

Email Template - select an email template to be used for notifications.

To use this option, please go to Marketing → Email Templates and configure email templates.

Customers Grid

To find out the information about your customers’ balance or to use store credits as various bonuses, go to Customers → All Customers.

On the Customers grid you can see the necessary data about each customer.

To check a customer’s balance and refund history, click Edit in the Action column.

Go to Store Credit & Refunds tab.

Current Balance - check the balance of each particular account.

Add or substract a credit value $ - you can add or substract an amount from customer's balance by entering a number. For example, enter “99.5” to add $99.5 and “-99.5” to subtract $99.5

Comment - give your customers some reasons for adding or subtracting store credit balance.

Visible for Customer - select this option to make the comment visible in the customer account.

Employ Magento 2 Loyalty Program extension to create a unique scheme to reward regular customers with exclusive discounts.

On the grid all balance change history is displayed. You can see the type and the number of Action, its Comment, Balance Change, New Balance, Transaction Date and Admin Name.

Credit Memos Grid

To view all credit memos on a separate grid, please go to Sales → Credit Memos.

Here you can see all the information about the refunded orders, including refunded sums. To see the details about the particular refund, hit the View button at the Actions column.

New Memo

To refund orders to store credit, go to Sales → Orders and choose the necessary order.

Click the Credit Memo button.

With the extension you are able to return items to stock if needed and change items quantity to refund in the Qty to Refund section. Click Update Qty’s to see the current subtotal.

Skip to the Order Total tab. Here you can specify the amount of Refund Shipping, Adjustment Refund and Adjustment fee. Provide your customer with additional info about the refund via Comment Text field.

To refund the order offline, tick Refind to Store Credit option. You can cover refund requests with store credit either full or partially.

Send an email copy of credit memo to your customer if needed.

Don’t forget to click the Refund Offline button to complete the action.

Store Credit & Refund on the Frontend

Let your customers control their Store Credit. Provide transparent Current balance and History tabs on their account page.

Let your customers spend store credits on purchases.

Find out how to install the Store Credit & Refund for Magento 2 via Composer.
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