How to boost my website sales?

If you’ve tried out all the possible marketing ways of boosting your online sales and none of them gives a stable result, pay attention to these 4 tested tools.

Personalize promos

When you come to us with the question: “How to boost my shop on Magento 2 to get more revenue?”, our sales managers will first ask whether you tried our Special Promotions Pro.

This extension comprises 20+ promo actions which mean that you won’t have to look for a separate solution for each of the types. Moreover, the promos are flexible, so you can create a rule for any custom need and restrict promos for products with special prices; choose prices for discount calculation.

Increase repeat purchases and average check

Acquiring a new client is from 5 to 30 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Therefore, offer related products to increase repeat purchases.

Choose rule-based algos to offer related prods, upsells and cross-sells on category, product, cart pages automatically. Offer smart bundle packs based on users’ activity - the prods they view with this one, add to cart with this one, etc. Moreover, now the mod offers a separate analytics tab right in the admin panel, so you don’t have to gather the stats from the GA, everything’s at hand.

Give gifts

Digital marketing specialists suggest being generous to increase sales. For example, offer free gifts to regular customers, newbies or both.

A small present for a generous order can increase repeat purchases. The module supports 4 product types and works with coupon codes.

Solve users’ gift challenge

How to increase e-commerce sales during the holiday season? Solve customer’s present challenges. More than 40% of customers look for presents for their friends and relatives on the eve of a holiday. It’s very difficult to choose an “ideal present” under the conditions of a limited budget and time if your friend doesn’t have a gift list. Give such users a chance to order a custom gift certificate.

The customizable templates make the present not an “excuse” but an “ideal choice for all occasions”.

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