How to retain my customers?

There are many groups of customers that you need to retain: people who leave the cart abandoned or don’t make the purchase again, or the goods that they wanted to buy are out of stock. Here are 4 ways that you can use to retain customers in e-commerce.

1. Abandoned Cart Emails

Online customers often add products to the cart and leave the store. There are many reasons why they do it, but you can retain these online customers with Abandoned Cart Email extension. Create triggered emails to remind about products left in the cart and offer special discounts for them with a built-in discount coupon generator. Set the schedule to send emails automatically and analyze results on a handy grid.

2. Push Notifications

Another strategy to retain your customers is sending your special offers via push notifications. They have higher open and engagement rates, so they can also bring you more revenue. Our Push Notifications plugin lets you send targeted notifications and trigger repeat purchases. Offer your visitor subscription notification via pop-up with a valuable offer. When you get first subscribers, you can start your first campaign. Add images and links to your message and attract customers’ attention. To see the results of your campaign, go to the analytical dashboard and check the statistics.

3. Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is a powerful marketing tool that can retain up to 70% of customers. According to the Bond report, 77% of customers are more likely to stay if you have a loyalty program. And 35% of clients, who joined it, will change their purchase behavior to get maximal benefits.

Amasty offers Reward Points extension as a loyalty solution for your store. With this mod, you can charge points for purchases, registration, and other valuable actions to the customers’ balance. To motivate your customers to make a new purchase faster, set the expiration date and remind them about it via e-mails.

4. Out of Stock Notifications

Imagine the situation, that a customer has found a perfect good on your website, but it is out of stock. To retain this client, you can offer a back-in-stock subscription. So you will be able to send a message to your customer when the product is available again. Amasty developed an extension that can help you with this issue - Out of Stock Notification. It has the following features:

  1. Allow stock and price status subscriptions;
  2. Analyze customer behavior on a separate dashboard;
  3. Send email notifications to customers, guests, and admins with a cron job;
  4. Let clients manage the subscriptions list in their accounts.

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